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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blazes Ahead With The Terminator Dynasty

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator Genisys film is an upcoming American sci fi action movie directed by (the Game of Thrones & Thor: Dark World) director, Alan Taylor & written by (Shutter Island and Alexander) writer, Laeta Kalogridis & (Dracula 2000 and Drive Angry) Patrick Lussier. It’s the 5th installment in Terminator film series, and it’s said to reset the Terminator series, acting as the sequel, a prequel, and a reboot to the film series. Arnold chwarzenegger basically reprises his key role as a titular character, alongside some newcomers namely; Emilia Clarke, Matt Smith, Jason Clarke, J.K Simmons, Jai Courtney and Lee Byung hun. The movie is scheduled to get released by the Paramount Pictures on 1st July, the year 2015.

Terminator Genisys Synopsis

It’s the year 2029 and John Connor, the leader of Human Resistance continues to wage War against Machines. At Los Angeles (LA) offensive, John Connor’s fear of an unknown future starts to emerge when the Tech Com spies unveil a new strategic plot by the Skynet which is to attack him from the both fronts; that is, the past and the future, & is to ultimately change the warfare forever. On verge of winning war against the Skynet, John Connor sends his most trusted lieutenant by the name Kyle Reese way back through time so as to save Sarah Connor’s life (his mother) and also ensure his very own existence. But what Kyle Reese discovers on the otherside, is like nothing he would have ever expected.


After getting orphaned at the age of 9 years by a Terminator, John Connor’s mother, Sarah Connor is brought up or raised by another type of Terminator Model that has been programmed to always protect her. The Terminator model 101 trains Sarah to face her set destiny, which Sarah tries to reject adamantly. Now, aided by a reprogrammed old Terminator, Kyle and Sarah Connor together have to overcome & survive the T1000 & the new T800 which have been sent by the Skynet from future to wipe their existence or rather, kill them.

According to movie critics, Terminator: Genisys is trying to do a lot at a go, & they say that it’s questionable whether the “all in” approach will attract fans to the franchise, or it will further aggravate them. The film has new actors who will be inhabiting familiar characters and it will also revisit familiar places from the James Cameron’s 1st film, with a newer aesthetic getting established by the new director; that is, a villain who is from the 2nd film. 

On August 6th, of the year 2014, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo on his personal Twitter account of him on set, sitting on a production chair. The photo revealed the actual spelling of this film’s title; Terminator Genisys.


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