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If you have belly fat, then most likely you are wondering what you can do to get rid of it. The secret lies in what you eat.

Here are 9 foods that beat belly fat.


As you know, it is important to choose the right type of fats. Unhealthy fats, especially those found in cheese, processed food, and meat feed a bacteria that causes inflammation in your body, making it to store fat. However, healthy fats, such as those found in avocado, salmon, nuts, and olive oil are rich in omega 6s and 3s, and they do the opposite of unhealthy fats. The healthy fats provide a long burning energy, because they regulate the speed at which glucose enters your body’s cells, keeping hunger away. You can enjoy your avocado in different ways. For example, you can eat it on its own, or mash and top it on a sandwich. You can also make an avocado salad.

2Black Beans

Beans are legumes, and all legumes contain fiber and protein. These are good at crushing your appetite. Of all the beans, black beans have high levels of flavonoids, mostly because of their dark color. According to research, flavonoids are capable of preventing the storage of excess fat on you belly.

3Apple Cider Vinegar

Most people ignore Apple cider vinegar whenever they are doing their grocery shopping. It only comes to their mind when they have a recipe that needs it. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, as well as a number of minerals and vitamins. Acetic acid is the compound that makes Apple cider vinegar important. It increases insulin sensitivity, controls appetite, and helps the body produce protein, which is useful in reducing fat storage.

The other benefit associated with Apple cider vinegar is that it makes your blood more alkaline. Your body’s pH is supposed to be slightly alkaline. However, in most cases, stress and the unhealthy foods that we sometimes consume, create an acidic environment. Apple cider vinegar helps in changing that trend.

4Water With Lemon

Lemon water helps in starting your body’s digestion process. When digestion is taking place, food is broken down better by the body, and it absorbs most nutrients. That is important, because it helps you maintain a flat belly, and a healthy weight. You can drink lemon water every day, in the morning, before eating.

5Cold Potatoes

According to research, chilling your potatoes overnight makes them form resistant starch crystals. These are fiber constituents that help in the production of two hormones that halt hunger. Resistant starches help the body in burning more fat for fuel, reducing the amount of fat stored in your body’s fat cells.

6Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are capable of boosting your immune system, and improving the body’s ecosystem if they are added to your diet. They are rich in probiotics, which feed your intestines with good bacteria. Good bacteria helps the body in getting rid of large amounts of waste. According to studies, there is a link between weight gain and bad bacteria. If toxins from digested foods stay in your body longer than they should, they are reabsorbed. Once they are reabsorbed, you gain weight. Fermented foods and drinking plenty of water can prevent that from happening.


Garlic has high levels of inulin, a fiber that makes the body to efficiently digest food. In addition, inulin also stabilizes your body’s blood sugar. When you consume garlic, it goes after the bacteria that causes inflammation, and leaves the good bacteria to do its work. You can consume garlic in different ways. For example, you can sprinkle its powder on fish or meat before grilling, or add it to salad.


Including two eggs in your diet, every day can help you in beating belly fat. They also contain protein, which makes your body build muscle, while reducing your belly fat, at the same time. The more you gain muscle in your body, the more calories you will need, and this makes your body burn more fat


Fresh pears are high in fiber and low in calories. In addition, pears are rich in flavonols and catechins, oxidants that prevent the storage of tummy fat. Eating a pear before every meal can help you lose weight.

There you have it! 9 foods that will help you beat that belly fat. Include them in your diet, and enjoy the benefits.


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