Celebrating Christmas

Christmas, the most special holiday of the year, becomes even more memorable when you have a newborn infant. However since the baby is still too young to appreciate gifts or enjoy family traditions, some parents may not know how to celebrate this once-in-a-life-time moment.

Here are 8 amazing ways to help you.

1Do Baby Crafts

Your baby’s tiny fingers and toes make lovely crafts, which you can save for future memories. Dip those cute hands in paint, and press them on a paper to create art prints. Alternatively, you can press his foot into a clay round. Cut out the prints, frame them and hang them as decorations on the Christmas tree. Even though your infant cannot participate in the decorations, the memories will last forever.

2Make Memories

You only have one first Christmas with your baby; the only time he will remain still for family photos, so take advantage of it. Take plenty of photos of him in different positions and different settings for future memories. If you’re using a flash, make sure the distance between you and the baby isn’t less than three feet to avoid scaring him or damaging his vision. You can always use your zoom to get closer shots.

3Pay Your Family A Visit

Visit your family members and introduce little baby to them. Even if he is too young to remember anything, it’s a good idea to start socializing him from an early age. Besides, some of the people he may meet this Christmas (like his great grandmother or grandfather) may not be around by the time he grows up. So, take lots of photos for future memories.

4Buy Practical Gifts

Your newborn doesn’t really need a gift at this age, but if you have to, get him practical items, such as a baby carrier, a set of diapers, or anything else that may have been missed during the baby shower. Since babies grow really fast, ask the guests you’re expecting not to splurge on clothes or toys, and instead, buy more practical and essential items.

5Decorate Minimally

If just gave birth a few days or weeks ago, you may not have the energy to decorate your home for the holiday season. Besides, your baby cannot admire or appreciate those sparkling, colored Christmas tree decorations. So, decorate minimally, so you don’t stress yourself too much. A wreath on the door and a tree is enough to show your Christmas spirit. Alternatively, you can ask your family members (if you have any) for help.

6Limit Party Attendance

If you’re a first time parent, you’ll realize that caring for a baby is really a lot of work. Since he demands most of your attention, you’ll find it very hard to focus on holiday activities that you used to do when you were childless. Don’t get stressed over it. Just keep things simple and do only what you can. For instance, instead of going out partying as you used to, invite your parents and friends for a warm home gathering. They can help you with the baby as you prepare meals or vice versa.

7Order Takeout

You don’t have to cook all your holiday meals, especially when you’re still recovering from a recent delivery. So, go ahead and order some prepared food of your choice. In fact, food makes a great Christmas gift to ask guests who don’t know what to bring to you. Enjoy the meal and the quality time you’re spending with your guests and family.

8A Picture With Santa

What better way to celebrate Christmas with your baby than taking photos of him wearing a cute Santa hat beside Santa himself. Kids love the big guy in red suit, and your baby will certainly thank you later when he sees pictures of him and Santa.

Overall, your newborn baby’s first Christmas is a special time that will forever remain in your memories. So, enjoy every bit of it.


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