Preparing for date

First dates matter greatly. You cannot afford to show up looking sloppy and disinterested. The best way to catch that guy’s attention and retain it for the long term is to ensure you dress well.

Use the following 8 tips for dressing without stressing for a first date:

1Choose Red When In Doubt

Studies show that men consider red to be the sexiest color on women. Therefore, if you want to leave a lasting impression and give the man amorous ideas, ensure you wear that red dress.

2Wear a Summer Dress (In a Soft Fabric)

The main goal of a first date is to look touchable and approachable. Therefore, you should wear something that is feminine and flirtatious. This is where summer dresses in soft fabrics come in.

3Know Your Body

You should never experiment with new and daring trends during your first date. Instead, get a look that makes you feel your best and leaves you with a comforting attitude. Therefore, you should wear clothes that match your personal style and body type. For instance, if you have awesome legs, take this opportunity to show them off

4Stick to Your Style

If you feel more comfortable in jeans, by all means wear them. However, you should ensure that you dress up the jeans with a flirtatious top or sexy heels. As far as possible, be yourself. Men find confidence very attractive in a woman.

5Keep a Pair of Go- To Heels

In case you will walk a lot during the date, get a pair of heels that you will be comfortable in. A first date is not the time to break in high heels. Painful shoes are likely to ruin the night. Therefore, stick with styles that you know is sexy and comfortable, like wedges or pumps.

6Have Outfits for Outdoor/ Summer Dates

If the guy invites you for a park picnic, try a loose top, shorts and chunky heels or easy- to- walk- in wedges. Sitting on grass is tricky if you wear a short dress. This means that you should have a casual outfit on standby for outdoorsy dates, just in case.

7Go Easy on the Make-Up

The key with make-up is to emphasize and accentuate your features. Instead of piling on false eyelashes and concealer, consider using liner and mascara to draw attention to those gorgeous eyes. You can also plump your lips using a bright peachy gloss.

8Try on the Outfit Beforehand

To ensure that you are not disappointed by your outfit minutes before your first date, try it on beforehand. In case you need support, get a friend to check you and help you decide the best outfit for that particular first date.

Use these 8 tips for dressing without stressing for a first date and you will be impressed with the results.


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