Rich Man

The bitter truth is that, once they make their money, super rich people are quite effectively cut from a different cloth. As much as we would like to ‘unacknowledge’ it, they are simply better than the average Joe at that point. Whereas you could have a huge guilt-trip when you spend $120 on dinner, the super rich have no qualms whatsoever spending ridiculous amounts on absolutely frivolous things.

Here are 7 Useless Things Only Rich People Can Buy.

1A Bengal Tiger

Most of us just settle for a vicious rottweiler, or a gun should we feel like we need protection in our homes. The super rich go above and beyond that. Let alone the fact that they have an army of body guards and home security systems that even the manufacturing company has a had time cracking, the super rich go right ahead and buy a ‘Bengal tiger’ for their homestead. Now, Bengal Tigers don’t really make good watchdogs and they do not even play ‘fetch’ that well. So why would someone go through the pains of buying one?

2Ghost Busting Gizmos

Where to begin? For starters, if you believe that ghosts are after you, the very first thing you should probably do is see a shrink and then a priest. But as for the super rich, these are all paths that need a short cut. So why not go ahead and spend the equivalent of someone’s annual salary to buy a ‘ghost busting gizmo’ to keep away the spooky fellas?

3An Octopus and King Cobra

There is absolutely no use for these animals, unless you plan to serve them as part of an exotic dish for your elitist friends. But to shell out well over a quarter of a million just so you can own them is preserve of the super rich.

4An Ancient Dinosaur Skull

Unless you own a museum of sorts, you have absolutely no need for a dinosaur skull. Especially if it is going to cost you well over a quarter million dollars. They don’t even make for great decor!!

5A Dog House

Now, a dog house is a practical possession. This is something you can actually use (assuming you are a dog person that owns dogs). But to go and spend well over $300, 000 on a dog house is just plain crazy. There are actual houses that do not cost that much and we are pretty sure the dog will not know the difference between a $300 house and a $300,000 one.

6Solid Gold Bath tubs

We get the need for a beautiful and relaxing bathroom. We even get the need for a jacuzzi in the middle of the said bathroom. What makes absolutely no sense, is a bath tub made out of solid gold. Besides the aesthetic value (which could have been achieved by gold plating it), this solid gold bath tub serves just the same purpose as any regular bath tub.


This falls in the category of buying private islands. Whereas private islands make sense to those of us who simply detest our neighbors and therefore find it a necessity to keep a large water body between them and us, buying a town is just ridiculous. You cannot be ‘President’ of a town. You could build it into a city and have it chartered by the central goevrnment, but even then, all you can be is ‘Mayor’. So why buy a town? Maybe you want to own all the houses and the people therein? That didn’t work out too well for coloniolists.

Money makes us different. It makes us demi-gods on this planet. But with great power, comes great responsibility. Why not spend our money responsibly?


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