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7 Super Winter Foods You Should Be Eating Now!

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Just because it’s freezing outside again, it does not mean you cannot enjoy fresh produce. In fact, some veggies and fruits are in their prime during winters. So, let us get to discover 7 super winter foods you should be eating now!


1. Chicories

Kale might have been getting all the attention so long, but now its time to introduce some chicories in your life. Not only do they taste great, they are also extremely healthy and perfect for cold weather meals. Add frisée, escarole, and Belgian endive to your greens list, and do not forget to add some purple radicchio into your fresh salad. You definitely will like the variety of colors, and together with it, your body will get its added dose of vitamins. Chicories are a little bitter, and if you somehow do not like that, then you might cook with them instead of having them raw. You can add Belgian endive to your spreads and dips, and escarole will make your soup taste more delicious.




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