Couple Teasing

The following should be implemented after you have established a pleasant rapport with a woman. This is key in order for a woman to find them adorable, etc. or for them to become a tool to completely piss her off. Women enjoy their time out and don’t often take kindly to it being interrupted by a bevy of men hunting for phone numbers.

The following will help you tease with a woman as a form of flirting rather than playing the traditional numbers game..that rarely works. 

1Make fun of her

Keep it tongue and cheek and not mean. Do not live in this zone, visit it swiftly to get or keep her attention and then move on. 

2Challenge her with a silly game

Challenge her to finish her drink first, thumb wrestle, etc. This makes you seems playful and safe while not coming off as actually hitting on her.

3Jokingly point out why you wouldn’t get along

This is a great way to Segway into a relationship and [possibly] save a woman from a horrible encounter with another man. Listen for her to mention a favorite drink or not liking something and use that as the basis of why you two couldn’t possibly get along. Keep in mind this is to make her smile and open up her body language to you, not create an argument.  

4Accuse her of checking you out

Playfully tell her that you noticed that she has been eyeing you for a bit. This is a great Segway after you two have actually made eye contact more than once. This is a playful way to make a woman feel as if she is in control of the night and you. 

5Mimic the crash and burn

If another man has beat you to the punch, so to speak, and he has crashed and burned.approach her lightly pointing out where he went wrong. Empathize with her over his approach and delivery in a lighthearted way.  Do not attempt to emasculate the other man or draw attention, simply use it as a tool to flirt with the woman.  Also, you can tease her a bit about the type of men she attracted before you.  

6Give her a nickname

Observe her during the approach or first moments of the conversation. Choose a cute and slightly humorous nickname and bestow it upon her.  Encourage her to return the favor as well.  

7Play dumb

Allow her to give you a brief lesson on something. Let her see you as a plausible project. You become less of the creepy guy in the bar and more of a potential mate in her eye.


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