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Spain is a wonderful country to visit when in vacation but that does not mean that every place in Spain is great. No matter how big the city may be, there are definitely some places that may not be as attractive and as big as the rest of the city. There are some places in Spain that you might not find so colorful and attractive. If you want a captivating and memorable experience, these are the places that you should avoid because they are not worth your time and money.

Here are the 7 places to avoid in Spain:


This is the first city that you should avoid in Spain. This city has a history of European colony that creates negativity and a lot of disputes. Before getting into the city you have to go through a lot of customs which includes changing your currency, hence spending a lot of time. This makes it unsuitable for people going on vacation.


This city pretends to have the richest community made of retired British and German people, which is actually not true. It is not the best place for vacation. This is because it is very noisy and has spoilt teenage kids that riot. The altitude of the city is also different.


Malaga is a place to avoid in Spain because it is over populated, this is because of its airport hence many people ending up there and therefore not exploring the many charms of Andalusia. Malaga gives a good quality of life because it has many cheap restaurants, but that does not mean that it is worth to be visited by tourists.


This is another airport city, there is nothing much to do here. The good thing about this city is that it is well connected to the rest of the region, you can easily get a bus or a train and go to the other regions.

5Ciudad Real

An airport was opened in this city but it had to be closed again because no one came. There is nothing much to be admired or seen in this city so move on to your next destination.


This is a coastal city in Andalusia known best for its ham on the road. There are much better places to visit in Spain, it is not the beach that dominates life in this town but the port.


Apart from the ferries, which is the main reason why most people are tempted to stay in the city at night, there are much more interesting places to visit in Spain.

Before you visit Spain, take a look at the guide lines above and you will not regret your visit there, there are good places to visit in Spain like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. There are many tourists sites there of which makes the cities heaven for most people. The cities listed above are not necessarily bad but are not worth your time because there is so much more to see in Spain.


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