Different Jobs

With the ever growing demand for cheap labor, chances of landing a high paying job has narrowed. Everyone’s dream is to land a high paying job and this has affected our career path adversely. Choosing the right career depends on the level of education and also luck. Some of these high paying jobs are competitive, while some are not that competitive. The lesser competitive jobs are just plain hard to land because they need individuals with high intellect.

Here are 7 highest paying jobs of 2015.

7Marketing Executives

Marketing executive is a highly competitive job bracket. The pay here is great with an average salary of $110,000. Your ingenuity / creativeness helps you sustain your office term. Your responsibilities include increasing your company’s sales and product approval. You get to enjoy many job perks.

6Industrial Engineers

The engineering field has been a well paying field since time immemorial and still is. The continuous increase in funding from the government’s budget can attest to this. Engineers always get a good pay, no matter what level they are at. With an average income bracket of $81,000, choosing an engineering career is a wise choice

5Software Developers and Apps

Technological advancements have left a huge void. It is a highly competitive field and a pay rate averaging at $92,000. The software business has now set roots in every home. People in these fields have a wide array of jobs they can do. Gaming and military application of this field has attributed to higher pay

4Registered nurses

The medical field has been known as one of the most rewarding field. Getting accredited is tough and people work for long hours. The pay is good and stands at about $67,000. Registered nurses make even more during overtime.

3Web Developers

Although it is a very competitive field, web development has great rewards. Most of our systems in the current modern setting use the web platform. Jobs here fetch an average of $50,000. More penetration of the internet is increasing the job market and it’s easy to learn and venture into.

2Medical doctors

The medical field isn’t congested and studies have shown that there are less doctors. This has attributed to their high pay and also the fact their jobs are demanding. Doctors gross a salary of $92,000 and you can only join this field if you have qualified. High end doctors like plastic surgeons are some of the top earners in the world.

1Commercial pilots

This field has been highly coveted by many. Mainly because it seems as an enjoyable role. Commercial pilots have continued to enjoy great pay rates of over $100,000. This job is demanding and you get to travel a lot.


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