The iPhone 6 was launched alongside the iOS 8, Apple’s mobile operating system that can now be downloaded for older devices too. At the moment, iOS is among the world’s most popular operating systems after Google’s Android OS. As a result, the iPhone 6 is equipped with a host of new features, and if you recently purchased this smartphone, you have probably not discovered all of these features

Here are 7 hidden features of the iPhone 6 that have probably not become obvious to you yet.

1Share Your Location With Anyone

With the iPhone 6, if you ever find yourself messaging your family or friends in order to direct them to your location, you can share your location with them instead, so they may find you easily. If you want to send your precise coordinates to someone instantly, all you will have to do is click “send my location” after clicking on “details” in the right-hand corner at the top.

Moreover, you can also keep sharing your up-to-date location with a person constantly so they may know where you are at all times. After clicking “send my location” from the same details menu, you will also be able to select for how long you want your location to be shared, whether for an hour, a day or indefinitely

2No Need To Leave An App To Reply To A Text

Your iPhone 6 will feature interactive notifications. This means that you will be able to reply to a text message without having to leave the app. Simply the notification will have to be pulled down from the top of the screen and a small text box will pop up in which you can type your reply

3Find Out Precisely Why Your Battery Has Become Discharged

One particularly useful hidden feature of the iPhone 6 is that you can find out what apps are causing your smartphone’s battery to become discharged. With the previous iPhones, this was not possible. However, with the iPhone 6, a complete list of apps that are consuming the most amount of battery power, even when they are not being used, can be seen. This list can be checked by clicking General then Usage and then Battery Usage.

4Hide Your photos

If you have a habit of saving “personal” photos on your smartphone that you do not want anyone else to see, then the iPhone 6 offers a new hide feature that will make it possible to accidentally reveal such photos. The photos that you want to hide can be selected and file them away in a “hidden folder.” The photo that needs to be hidden will simply have to be long-pressed and then the option to hide can be selected. While the photo could be seen in Albums, it will not be visible in Collections, Moments and Years.

5Do not disturb

While in a message, the “do not disturb” option can be selected in the details menu. This way, alerts for text messages from certain people can be muted. This means that you will not have to receive constant alerts, especially if you are in a gathering, if you are expecting someone to send you lots of text messages.

6Credit card scanner

Perhaps you already know that you can use Safari to purchase things. However, the iPhone 6’s camera can actually be used as a credit card scanner as well, which means that the credit card details will not have to be typed. Right above the keyboard, you will notice that this option will be available automatically. After selecting it, the card will simply have to be held in front of the camera and the relevant information will be captured automatically.

7Keyboard enhancements

Apple’s iPhone 6 actually comes with an upgraded keyboard. If you have already discovered this, contextsensitive predictive typing is now available, which will eventually pick up on the way you type. Subsequently, a list of words that you use frequently will be provided to you so you will be able to type more quickly. According to Apple, this is quite a sensitive feature so it will even be able to identify the person you are communicating with and the suggestions will be adjusted accordingly. So, you will be able to use the right words depending on the person you are texting.


If you were initially feel that you spent way too much on Apple’s latest iPhone 6, you are probably reconsidering this now. The iPhone 6 is truly bigger and better, and comes with a very advanced operating system in the form of the iOS 8, so there are probably many other features that you will gradually discover.


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