Puerto Madero

Just a few years back, holding business meetings in hotels was no different from holding meetings in an office boardroom. The current trend however aims at making business meetings in hotels a little less formal. Thus, other than the usual round tables and high-tech equipments, people desire to have their meetings in places that are able to focus on both work and play.

Going by this need, the top 7 most awesome hotels to have business meetings in include:

7Iguazú Falls

Imagine 275 waterfalls and cascades all in one place? Then, at the heart of the falls is an outstanding semicircular waterfall which is known as the devil’s throat. The devils throat, which is located on the northern side of Argentina, is roughly 80 meters high and 150 meters wide. What’s so amazing about this site is that it has well maintained and comprehensive catwalks thus enabling anyone to experience the majestic feel of these waters while standing right over the edges. In 1984, the Iguazú Falls were named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

6Perito Moreno Glacier

The Perito Moreno Glacier, which is located in the Los Glaciares National Park within the Southern Patagonia, is simply a vast river of ice (covers an area of 250km2). It also has catwalks that make it possible for someone to experience the site at a closer view. Though there isn’t much to do here, it will give you a chance to capture the different angles of ice (making it a great location for landscape photographers). You can also ask to be taken on a boat ride into the lake that this glacier flows into.

5Puerto Madryn

The exciting thing about visiting Puerto Madryn is that, it gives you a chance to experience three exciting things; excursions to the Peninsula Valdes – a wildlife sanctuary where you’re going to see lots of marine species including birds, watch the Southern Right Whale in the Gulfo Nuevo and, take trips to the Punta Tombo to see colonies of the Magellanic penguins. In addition, Puerto Madryn is a perfect place to enjoy the worldly famous traditional Welsh tea.

4Mar del Plata

The Mar del Plata is considered Argentina’s best resort beach city. It is located on the province of Buenos Aires and is indeed the second largest city in the province. What make it unique are its magnificent sandy beaches which spread along 10 miles of land that attracts tourists of all budgets all year round, but most especially during the summer. And aside from it being the ideal place to relax, it’s also home to one of the major fishing ports in the country.

3Mendoza Province

Though the province is quite sunny and dry, when you think about the many wineries and vineyards you’ll come across, then it’s definitely worth visiting. Despite being known for its Malbec, other types of wines produced in this region include the Syrah, Torrontes, Tempranillo and the Semillon. Therefore, if you intend to hop from one winery to the next as you sample some of the world’s best wines, Mendoza is the place to be.

2El Bolsón

If you want to experience lots of stuff all at once, then, El Bolsón is the place to be. This remote and sparsely populated area is surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains and offers one a chance to experience numerous activities such as climbing, hiking, trekking, skiing, rafting and fishing. Also, if you stay long enough, you can shop for some local handicrafts at the artisanal fair that’s held thrice per week.

1Quebrada de Humahuaca

Located in the province of Jujuy, the Quebrada de Humahuaca is a long (150 km long) ravine that’s approximated to be at least 2,000 meters above the sea level. Other than its breathtaking rock formations are a number of interesting multi-colored hills. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2003.


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