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The Tinder dating app has its own list of dirty little secrets, including men using the app for hookups only. Therefore, what is a girl to do when she wants someone to have coffee with for the afternoon and is in search of a perspective mate?

The following will help you determine who is date material and who simply is looking to add a notch to their belt. 

1He’s married

Yes, there are married men on Tinder and they are not afraid to let you know that they are hitched either.  Their profile pictures, generally, include their family as a unit. They are simply looking for a hookup singularly or with their wife. Simply save yourself the complication and swipe left.

2No solo pictures

If a guy has ZERO solo pictures of himself on his profile, he is an ugly duckling hiding amidst hot friends. This is a trick as old as time that guys use to ensure a hookup. They are preying on the vanity of a woman and are masters at turning your frustration about being swindled into pity sex for them. Swipe left.

3The boyfriend of someone on your friend’s list

You are guaranteed to find someone you know from other social media sites on Tinder; therefore be aware that not every person on the planet is not faithful. Should you come across the boyfriend of a young woman on one of your friend’s lists; know that he is looking to hookup not leave his current situation.

4He swipes right as the bars and clubs are closing

No one is looking for love as the bars close. They are drunk, lonely and looking for easy fun. Should you begin to receive messages during this time; know that he is looking for a hook-up and will not recall you in the morning.

5Avoid Tinder Surprise

Any profile that proclaims them to be A Tinder Surprise should be avoided because their surprise is their desire for a hookup only.

6Ages don’t match

The age that they proclaim and the age in their bio (that was transferred over from FaceBook) do not match. This is a clear indicator that he is looking for a hookup and one with a woman younger than him. This time of deceit in the name of a hookup shows that he believes that he can fully manipulate a younger woman out of her pants, but not a woman his age or older.


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