Unusual Job

Apart from the known traditional jobs that offer hefty paychecks, there are some less discussed, less thought of, unusual jobs that are handsomely paying. As such, this article explores 6 unusual jobs that pay high amounts.

Read on to discover them.


Since those who have passed on also need the services of a makeup artist or hairstylist, someone—embalmer—is responsible. They sanitize, repair present, and preserve dead human body. An embalmer also repairs the body in case it has injuries. They make these bodies presentable for loved ones to pay their final respects.

With college level biology and anatomy education, as well as cosmetology expertise, you can earn an average pay of $ 45,000 a year working as an embalmer.

2Ice Cream Taster

Having a degree in food science and nutrition, a clean palate, and passion for sweets can earn you more than $56,000 in twelve months. This is the much an ice cream taster earns.

Ice cream taster has to create new concoctions as well as testing flavor concepts, thus having knowledge in relevant chemistry is an additional advantage.

Most of the successful ice cream taters had some ample experience in ice cream shops before they started on this unusual job. You must be an intuitive judge of what are the flavors that will go well with the public that makes your market for the creams.

3Voice-over Artist

If you can read articulately with some attractive voice, you can get highly paid as a voice-over artist. Just get to practice at a recording studio, read books out loud, acquaint yourself with the right resources, and perfect the game.

A college degree is not a must-have, only some background in acting or the relevant language and passion for the two. You need to have good awareness of your voice, that is, inflection, how you pronounce, and choice of words. You also should have a sharp memory.

Professionals in this field do voice-overs for radios, TVs, as well as movies. Some are paid up to $300 for five minutes of complete and comprehensive audio work. The average annual pay is between $ 50,000 to 80,000.

4Body Part Model

No college education needed. Just awareness of your body, well groomed body parts and positioning, and you could earn nearly $55,000 in a year

You do not have to be six feet tall and slim or curved to earn in this field as a model. Just discover your impeccable body part, for instance, beautiful hands, full lips, well proportionate feet, among others, and use them for a high reward. These parts are used in modeling things such as watches, rings, necklaces, shoes, hand creams, inter alia. You can practice modeling some of these products from your house, have photos taken and showcase them to local fashion stores as part of your portfolio

5Master Sommelier

Extensive knowledge of wine, love for its brands, and irreproachable customer service aptitude can pay you 80,000 to 160,000 dollars a year, working as a sommelier. A master Sommelier works in high end restaurants and his duty is majorly helping customers discover the choice wine for a particular meal. They thus must have vast vinous understanding so they can help patrons have the exact wine choice they will give praise for.

6Ethical hacker

Companies hire hackers to try finding any weak spots or loopholes in their computer systems. They want well experienced hackers to keep their systems impenetrable by those may want to harm their operations. As such, if you like working out problems and overturning obstacles, this is a good job for you. With information Technology education and wide reaching practical computer technical and development expertise, you can get rewarded with $92,000 or more a year working as an ethical hacker


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