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6 Toxic Dating Habits Most Guys Think Are Normal

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Relationships work on trial-and-error since no pointers or classes are offered as guidelines. As a result, people rely on magazines for tips which produce disastrous results almost all the time. Most unhealthy dating habits are enshrined our culture. So, some relationship habits people think are healthy are actually not.

Below are 6 toxic dating habits that most people think are normal. In fact, these habits are destroying most relationships out there.  

1Keeping A Scorecard

Keeping a scorecard is something most people do in a relationship. Consequently, people who are dating will start blaming each other for past mistakes. Over time, a couple that keeps a scorecard of each other’s past wrongdoings will try to justify their current righteousness.  

Holding A Relationship

Hostage Engaging in emotional blackmail and threatening to leave a relationship is something many people do without knowing its actually a toxic habit. Doing so creates unnecessary drama since any hiccup experienced in a relationship usually ends up in a supposed commitment crisis.  

2Dropping Hints/Pas

This is a situation where your partner resorts to less overt techniques of communicating and other petty ways of pissing you off. Instead of resorting to such methods of communication, it is better to make things clear and open.  

3Excessive Loving Jealousy

This can lead to some unusually behaviors like reading through text messages of your partner, hacking into his or her email account, and showing up at hangout joints when he or she least expects you. Although a bit of jealousy is good for the relationship, doing it excessively will simply spoil things for you because it indicates lack of trust. Jealousy to a certain extent is natural; however, excessive jealousy and other similar controlling behaviors are an exhibition of your feelings of unworthiness.  

4Blaming Your Partner

Particularly For Your Bad Emotional State If you have had a particularly lousy day and you are not getting any sympathy or support from your partner, you may be tempted to lash out. This is a show of selfishness and a good example of poor management of personal emotional boundaries. Always take responsibility for your actions and emotions and your partner should also do the same. 

5 Buying Your Way Out Of Relationship

Problems Some couples resort to covering up relationship conflicts or other major issues that come up by buying expensive gifts. This is habit sets a bad precedent in the relationship. The woman may for instance look for many ways to upset the man just to get gifts in return. Although trips and gifts are good for a relationship, they should not be used as a means for blackmailing the other partner in a relationship.


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