Wedding Destination

Getting married in the place that you live and see everyday can be really unappealing. If you can afford to say your nuptials in some of the most beautiful places in the world, then why not go for it?

The following 6 destinations are definite options for you when it comes to choosing the perfect setting for your big day.

1Maui, Hawaii

If you are the type of person who loves everything HOT, this could be your ideal wedding destination. Maui in Hawaii is considered a hugely romantic place to be due to it’s beautiful scenery, waterfalls and some of the best beaches in the world. The weather is sizzling all year round and there are lots of activities to do. Your guests are guaranteed to enjoy the mini wedding vacation, that Maui offers.

2Lake Placid, New York

The village of Lake Placid in New York is a popular tourist destination in general and it’s easy to see why. It might not be as glamorous as other wedding destinations but the snow covered mountains would make an amazing place to hold a wedding ceremony. What’s better than saying your views in front of family and friends, with all the gorgeous foliage and many tranquil lakes surrounding you?

3Puerto Vallarta,Mexico

You are guaranteed to have a wedding day to remember if you have it in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. There are many exquisite resorts to choose from, many of which are all inclusive. Perhaps you could hold the wedding itself on the beach, before taking a hot air balloon ride with your new spouse. However you plan it, you are guaranteed amazing food, an awesome atmosphere and the best experience of your life.

4Saint Lucia

The spectacular Island of St Lucia is a popular honeymoon destination but why not take it one step further and actually get married there? You will find things here that exist nowhere else in the world like chocolate plantations, volcano mud springs and sunset sails. You can even have your wedding photos in front of the iconic twin mountains in the background. With some of the most stunning scenery around, St Lucia knocks many places out of the park when it comes to perfect wedding destinations.

5Las Vegas, America

If you are in the mood for a quickie wedding with partying and good times to be had by all, then you should definitely consider getting hitched in Vegas. Home to the famous “Little White Chapel”, many people retreat here when they feel like rebelling against what is expected of them. This isn’t the perfect choice for everybody but if you have a quirky personality and don’t care about the glamor of weddings, Las Vegas has many positives and its sure to be a story to tell the grand-kids!

6Tuscany, Italy

There are some amazing villas is Tuscany, Italy and some very affordable places to get married. In addition to the price, this is a stunning destination that is guaranteed to give you the best memories. Italian food is gorgeous and there are some pretty amazing sights to see in the surrounding area.


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