Texting Girl

You eventually got that beautiful girl’s number, now what next? Do you have the know how in the art of texting ritual of a girl you really like? It pays to be familiar with the brand of humor she has and it certainly can’t harm to know how receptive she will be to sexual insinuation.

Well, before you start texting a girl in the first place, you must ensure that your goal is to meet someone you could in real life easily get along with.

Here are 10 texting rules you should master if you ever desire to transit into the realm of real dating after the texting sprees.

1Keep it brief. 

Keeping things brief and simple is your best bet because text flirting should not be long winding conversations. One or two sentences max. 

2Put a curb on the unnecessary.

  Long drawn out questions will make her tune out, Simplicity in your queries and humor shall be more likely to elicit responses. 

3Keep it unique 

Basic and repetitive questions such as ‘how is the going’ only makes her feel obligated to give a response to be polite. This feels like work. Even though the end outcome of seduction should not feel like work, nor should the wooing itself. 

4Take control 

Be always the one who chooses where and when to go. She may think of this type of take charge approach a prologue to the same kind of thing in romantic settings.

5Don’t be predictable 

Always keep her guessing. Do not text her at the same time each day in the same manner. Furthermore, take time to respond to texts otherwise it will appear like you had nothing else keeping you busy.

6Have fun 

Do not miss the next movie, the next show, the next play or the next match. Engage in fun activities so when she asks about what you were up to, you don’t say ‘nothing’ but actually have something engrossing share. 

7Be patient

In case she doesn’t give an immediate response, do not send endless messages requesting for an answer. Text flirting should not be full of delight or stressful. Therefore just relax and take it slow. 

8Experiment and try different things 

In case something you try does not work the first time, learn from your mistake and try something new.

9Build up your value and show it 

Put your best foot forward and sell yourself in the best way possible. This is the only way she will get to know what she’s buying and precisely what it is she is getting. Don’t be too cocky when doing this, but instead fun and interesting images with you out doing interesting and fun things. 

10Your objective is mastery not a ton of techniques and rules 

Try to be flexible and adaptive. Go with the flow and focus on what works with her. Each woman is unique and so is every interaction.

Keep in mind that the way something is said in person with a specific tone of voice or facial expression does not necessarily translate well when you text. Remember also that texting ought to be second to in person interaction.


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