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Truth be told, Italian food has ensnared the taste-buds of different people from different cultures and it continues to do so to date. Many will definitely agree that there is just that awesome thing they do using tomato sauces that just elevates a dish to the next level.

Italian food showcases simple finesse with superior results. If you have some olive oil, some noodles, a tomato, garlic and a few slices of bacon you can create beauty on a plate.

Apart from the simplicity in creating an Italian dish, they also go down just as easily. Whatever you think of as Italian food be it hearty food to the cheesy risottos or the meats fried to crispy perfection, it will taste heavenly!

Nowadays, Italian food is an ideal choice for every man out there. A great way to sample their unique tasting foods would be to visit Italy of course.

Here is a list of 6 awesome dishes to try when visiting Italy.


Lasagna is a typical Italian dish which is a combination of different ingredients that really just bring out the personality of the person preparing it. The best lasagnas are made at home with a hearty serving of ground beef, sausage, mozzarella, parmesean and ricotta cheeses.

2Ragu alla bolognese

The ragu all bolognese is a pasta sauce thaat originated from Bolgna, Italy. It is a meat and tomato sauce that is prepared by simmering for around an hour. To prepare the sauce, the meat is simmered in milk (done to reduce the acidity in the the tomatoes to be added on later) and red or white wine. Once the simmering is done that’s when one adds the tomatoes. This slow simmering method of cooking is mainly intended to draw out all the flavors and give the sauce its desired thickness. Ragu is usually prepared in a pot or enamel that is heavy enough to withstand being on the heat for a long time. This also helps to give the ragu its velvet like texture.

Ragu is thought of as a classic sauce for tagialette and lasagne. The real ragu alla bolognese does not contain any tomato sauce. Instead it will have just enough canned or fresh to


It is an Italian pasta based dish that traces its origin to Lazio. The main ingredients include Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano cheese, pancetta or guanciale bacon, eggs and black pepper. It’s prepared by cooking the bacon in olive oil or lard. The already hot pasta is then combined with a raw egg mixture, olive oil and cheese and this should be done away from a direct heat sauce so that the egg does not coagulate. That said, there are many different ways to use the egg to prepare this dish. Some people choose to use the egg yolk only while others use the whole egg.

4Chicken Saltimbocca

Saltimbocca is simply a combination of Italian terms that make up a meaning of jumps into one’s mouth. And this is literally the feeling you get once you get a taste of this dish. The chicken saltimbocca usually includes a meat like chicken mixed together with proscuitto ham, mozzarella cheese and spinach.

5Cacio e pepe

This has got to be the simplest Italian pasta dish there is. Originally from Rome its preparation follows these steps. Black pepper and pecorino Romano cheese are swirled together with cooking water to make the mixture creamy to which then all of that is swirled with the pasta that’s cooked al dente.


Who does not know about Italian pizza? Unless you have been living under a rock you must you have heard and sampled this delicacy. Italian pizza is typically an oven baked flat bread that’s been topped up with different condiments and layered with cheese at the top. It can be a meat pizza or one with just vegetables.


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