Copacabana Beach

Brazil shares its eastern border with glittering turquoise water and extended stretches of white sand beaches. Parties, white sands, samba, year-round sunshine and all at affordable prices makes Brazil’s beaches among the best in the world. Furthermore, Brazil’s beaches can always be enjoyed at any time of the year, thus you can visit one of the Brazil’s beaches to suit your convenience though, between June and August the place is a bit wet. Potential tourists who have the Brazilian desire can choose from vibrant cities, hundreds of historic sites and relaxing beaches.

If you are thinking of spending some time on the Brazilian coast then the following are the best 6 beaches that you should not miss:

1Canoa Quebrada beach in Ceara

The name of this drowsy fishing village is Portuguese for ?broken canoe’. The scenic views and a laid-back community have twisted this beach into a great beach resort within a few years. You can do several things there such as riding through the dunes and alongside the cliffs, go wind surfing above the Atlantic water, party in clubs, sail through Atlantic water on Jangadas (the traditional Portuguese angling boats). Ambitious and audacious tourists have exploited the rocky scenery that makes this beach exclusive, filling its lively bars and clubs every night and turning it into a center for water sports.

2Praia da Pipa beach in Rio Grande

Its small but plush forests and sharp cliffs make it among the most colorful beaches in Brazil. Expatriates are also present in this relaxed town, where several tourists have remained permanently. Visitors can use the small shops and the restaurants opened by these new locals to support themselves. Actually, tourists were the ones who established this beautiful beach. The eco-friendly town has plenty of dolphins with dolphin’s bay a few miles away

3Baia do Sancho Beach in Pernambuco

For you to see this outstanding swimming spot, you have to hike a ladder down on one of the sharp cliffs that surround its round bay. The cliff-top views are un-parallel and the high tide brings entirety from sea turtles to sharks up to the beach. This beach has been called the world’s best beach due to its untouched shoreline, secluded setting and the bright green water. Due to rock climbing to exploit this beach, it makes the journey valuable for everyone who enjoys the meaning of island life and imagines the other part of the world has floated in to the attractive green ocean

4Cachadaco Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Trees and rocks slope from luxurious jungles and rocky mountains while giant granite rocks riven a crescent of white sand down the middle and all the way to the edge of the beach’s clear waters. Droning birds also complement the tranquil and quiet atmosphere of this great beach. Trindade is more calm, a better choice for visitors who like reggae for night club. There are also diving and swimming spots like Piscina do Caixadaco pool. While meandering through the ills and vegetation that occupy this untouched paradise ensure you follow the man-made boundaries.

5Quarta Praia beach in Ilha de Tinhare

This one has colorful fish, clear water and coral reefs dividing the tranquil water into calm and shallow pools that are fit for swimming. It’s the most relaxing, quite retreat and remote. This beach is situated on the other side of the mangrove swamp.

6Porto da Barra beach in Bahia

The west facing beach gives uncommon chance to revel in the Brazilian sunset. Although the beach can get crowded during peak seasons for tourists, the waters are always warm and calm. Some local residents would perform some work outs at this place with their personal trainers who pitch tents every day in the morning hours for scenic exercises.


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