Broken Heart

Key Questions and Testing the Water

Before trying to get your ex back, ask yourself some important yet interesting questions. Are you tired of being single or just bored? Get in touch with your ex only if you really feel love for him. Was the relationship a healthy one? To avoid entering into a negative ambience, you need to be honest about the quality of your bond with him. Next test the water by asking him a general question about your his life, and then if he answers with effusive emotions you have green light.

Relationship Status and Meet-up

You have to find out your ex`s relationship status as soon as possible. Check out his Facebook profile to see if the same girl happens to be with him tons of times in cozy poses. If you do not see anything of this kind, send him over a message asking about his personal life in somewhat general terms. Propose a short meet-up in a familiar place if he does not have a girlfriend.

Remember the Good Times and Take it Slow

Sweet Couples

Talk about the good times both had in the past but only as an afterthought. And then try to make physical contact with any part of his body to find out whether he relaxes into you. In addition, discover if he has changed his bad behaviors of the past such as drinking too much.

Self-interest and Curiosity

You need to combine curiosity and self-interest in your quest to get your ex back. So go to Facebook and chat a little bit with your ex, and then let him know you want him to call you. Let him know you really appreciate what he has done for you, so you want to thank you just in person. When your ex calls, you have to appear confident and say something that boosts the confidence inside you. Avoid crying on your ex and pleading that you want him to come back. Gym and Dress

You have to go to the gym and hop on the stepping machine right away as you should look your best for your ex. Not only you will feel healthier and happier, but also you will get tons of energy to feel incredibly confident while dealing with your ex. Purchase the killer dress that will make your ex simply go crazy. If you look your best, your ex might think getting back with you could be worth his while


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