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Nowadays, just about every time you sit down to watch a little TV, at least within the first twenty minutes there is some type of online dating service hocking their wares to you. They promise soul mates, the love of your life and a match made in heaven. Sure, these sites have seen their fair share of success but on the other hand there has been a fair share of laughably tragic dating attempts as well. It really is a roll of the dice that could go either way. What about the old fashioned way? It is very much a possibility that you can find the love of your life right outside your front door. So listen up, switch the computer to sleep mode and make it happen.

Here are the best 5 ways to find a date offline:

1Friends, Of Course

Talk about easy access, turning to a good friend is one of the easiest ways to find a date. They just might have a single friend looking and it could very well be for someone like you. Ask them, go in a group style with your friend and the prospective partner, or make it a group dating type situation. It gives you a really great chance to meet a potential partner in a laid back, relaxing environment

2Coffee Shops, Right?

Hey, take a break, it’s cold outside and the hustle and bustle is making you think coffee. Coffee is a natural stimulant which can usually puts folks in a good mood, adding a little zest to the conversation. On an average, coffee shops are typically packed with chairs and tables that are stuck pretty close together. The days of face to face contact have taken kind of a back seat thanks to technology, so work in a little magic of small talk, be amusing or do something to get their attention. Then after a few, exchange some digits and you are well on your way.


Having religion in common is a great thing, meeting someone at a fellow church has awesome potential for compatibility. Go in a group, a lot of these people will more than likely share the same values and morals as you. Apply a similar strategy done in the above paragraph of number two and you my friend may have reached out to your soulmate.

4Take A College Course

Finding a date through a college course is usually easy fare, Show up about ten minutes before hand and try to spot someone who may have the look of compatibility. Make a little eye contact, rock out your wizardry and before your know it, your are sitting side-by-side with the person who could very well be the one.

5Public transportation

It may sound strange, but there are some really cool people who use public transit. There have been many folks who have met their match that way. Conversations become sparked by an open book, tablet and even a chance that the bus may take a hard left can possibly nudge that person right in your direction. Be friendly, outgoing and try to make eye contact and viola!

It really is that simple, it just takes a little push to get out there and find love. There are other ways, of course to find love out in the physical but the best 5 ways to find a date offline is a great place to start.


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