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We’ve all been there, broken up with someone we love and gradually got over them and started another relationship. However sometimes we never quite forget our ex and all the other relationships we have just don’t seem to par up to them. We wonder what would have been if we had stayed together and wishfully think that maybe one day they will come to their senses and get back with us. Here are the 5 top indicators that you’ll get your ex back and that you will both have learned from your mistakes and will be ready to give your relationship another try

1Be Open to Receiving Regular Contact

This basically means that you don’t actually hate each other and that you would speak if you ran into each other but nothing more at this stage. It’s a sign that there is no bitterness there and that they are still approachable.

2Who Initiates The Contact?

If he/she should start to initiate the contact then this is a very good sign that things are picking up as it means that they are thinking about being around you again. Rest assured that this is a very good sign that things are picking up nicely.

3Face To Face Interaction

If you have been talking to each other through either text, phone or email then moving things to the next level, like face to face meeting is a very encouraging sign. It means that you are both becoming more comfortable with each other.

4Physical Contact

Any physical contact would suggest that you are still comfortable with each other. This usually means that things should start to get a bit more interesting, but don’t confuse ‘sex with an ex’ as a sign that things are back to normal. Sometimes this happens because you both still have a need for each other and nothing more, so try not to let this happen too early on.

5His/Her Emotions

Listen to the tone, depth and content of what he/she says. If they are giving you details of all of their everyday life or future plans or any other news about the people they care about, this usually is a good sign as it means that he still thinks of you as being someone he can trust.

So these are the 5 top indicators that you’ll get your ex back. Just give it a bit of time for them to adjust to you being back in their life and things should progress naturally.


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