Fitness App for Android

Fitness is a very crucial part of modern living and as such a lot of people are going to extra lengths in order to stay fit and healthy every day. For the past few years a lot of technologies have been developed in the fitness niche yet even so, not many have managed to amass the popularity fitness apps have had in recent times. So what are some of the 5 Top Fitness Apps for android?

Well the following is a simple list of the best applications in the market.


Couch-to-5K is one of the most popular award winning fitness apps in the market at the moment. The App is a great pick for people who are just getting started with a short term or long term fitness plan. The app comes with professionally designed fitness programs and an option to choose a virtual fitness coach to help you achieve your targets.

2Map My Run – the Map

My Run app is simply for those of you who love jogging. The app has a number of great features including a handy tool to help you keep track of your distance, your heart rate and also helps to track your daily calorie intake. It’s a great plus for people who want to keep track of what they eat and how they work-out.

3Slim Down by Jillian Michaels

One of the most defining attributes about this app is simply the fact that it’s developed and designed by a fitness guru. Besides, the Slim Down by Jillian Michaels comes with a variety of nutrition and fitness journals and a reliable calories counter to help you monitor your health habits easily. There is also an easy to follow muscle toning guide.

4JEFIT Workout

In case you are looking for a quality body building app then the JEFIT Workout has got to be your number one choice. The app offers easy and effective weight training tips and programs that are well complimented with yoga and remarkable cardio workouts.


The popularity of Hot5 in 2014 rose to new heights and quite rightly so, the app offers a number of great fitness benefits. From effective abs exercise plans to simple five-minute video workouts, the app is an ideal addition for people looking to blend fitness with their daily routine. The app also comes with different difficulty levels so it should be ideal for both beginners and pros.

The role fitness apps continue to play in reducing cases of obesity and promoting a healthier society is huge. The above are some of the 5 Top Fitness Apps for android in the market.


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