Tokyo is often referred to as Galapagos, because of the level of technology that it possesses. The nation’s cultural isolation tends to manufacture innovations that are not found anywhere else on this planet.

The same can also be said about the Japanese dishes.

Tokyo is simply a culinary wonderland thanks to its unique trait that cannot be measured and is incomparable. An obsession with delicacies and productive perfection and also with a religious embrace of freshness.

The result is the following 5 tasty foods that you need to try out.

1Gindara salkyo-yaki

This dish is perfectly flaky, moist and extremely sweet and at the same time also an irresistible savory. The black cod itself is a natural beauty, however, marinating it in the white miso unleashes a buttery richness that is quite complicated to describe.

The bottom line is, you have to endure your love for Gindara!


Horsemeat can be very delicious if properly prepared. The meat is tender and also sweet although not gamey.

People of Tokyo politely call horsemeat “sakuraniku” or simply cherry blossom meat. It has a bright pink color. It is normally prepared with naganegi and clear shirataki noodles.

3Warabi mochi

This dish is simply amazing! It is sweet and cool to touch, it actually has that wiggly, jiggly feel. It is similar to Jell-O except that it tastes much better. Technically it is just like misnomer. Warabi mocha is made up of bracken fern starch. The result is translucent, custardy and delicious rolled in a tasty toasty kinako soybean flour.


Breaded, golden brown and deep fried until crisp and then drizzled with piquant sauce, it does not get any better than this dish.

Try it once you get to Tokyo!


Ramen is a noodle dish found in Asia. It is a combination of salty ingredients and fat. There are many shops in Tokyo that sell ramen. You just have to find the right one.


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