Body Build


Set a regular fitness schedule which will help you keep the weight off especially in winter. For instance if you come home at 5 o’clock, when it is cold outside, you are a lot likely to go-to your warm couch and watch the Television if you do not have a set regular fitness-schedule which includes different types of exercises. Food is not always the number one enemy; lack of regular activity is. Keep in mind the calories intake vs the calories out. You can even hop on a treadmill during a favorite TV show (the 3 treadmill work outs blast lots of calories). You can also park your car farther away when you are at the mall and use the stairs when carrying your packages. Better-yet, you can get your work out done early in the morning rather being derailed by the evening holiday hoopla. 

2Eat Healthy

Fruits and vegetables is where you need to get your carbohydrates, and not from the holiday alcohol and the brownies. You can use high fiber fruits and vegetables to fill-up before going to a party. You can also eat some baby carrots, a large salad, or apples, so as to curb the desire for empty-party food calories. Whenever you eat outside your home, many studies suggest that people may take in 40 percent more calories than they otherwise would. So much of eating isn’t related to hunger, the more the variety of foods that are available at a party or meal, the more-likely you’re to eat a lot more food. In addition, the stress of the social setting and the environment with multiple food choices and alcohol may tend to foster over-eating. 

3Avoid alcohol

Alcohol contains lots of calories, and since most holiday celebrations basically involve drinking, it is easy to take-in lots of calories without you being aware that you’re. You can drink a glass-of water or a diet-soda before and after taking each alcoholic beverage so as to help pace your body and dilute the calories. 

4Practice calorie damage-control

In case you over-eat, do not fall-off the wagon, instead, you should make up for-it by cutting the calories for a couple of days and by adding some extra exercise. You should get exercise anywhere and anytime you can. Take a walk during your lunch break and after dinner. While at work, you can use stairs instead of the elevator. If you just get 100 fewer-calories a day through dieting and exercise or even both, that’s the equivalent of about 10 pounds a year. 

5Be careful and watch out for the liquid calories.

Holidays are commonly known to be notorious for tempting most of us with various drinks and beverages we would not normally consume. Most alcoholic drinks offer no nutrients, they just have empty calories. Other liquid calories to watch out for include; Eggnog coffee drinks which have whipped cream, the hot toddies, and the spiced rum; they have as many-calories as a personal-pan pizza.

It is best you opt for the sparkling water which has a little splash of some fruit juice, or you can simply stick to a smooth glass of fine wine.


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