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5 tips for meeting your Match at a Wedding

Meeting Someone

Whether a part of the wedding party or simply an invited guest; you may find your match at the nuptials of a family member or friend. It may seem like the most unlikely place to meet your future mate, but with the amount of romance and show of eternal commitment, what better place can you think of.

The people in attendance have been vetted (of sorts) and will have some things in common with you because you have a common denominator.the bride and/or groom.

1Relax, the mood is already set 

Whomever has caught your eye is just as single and without a plus one as you are. Use that as a way to begin a conversation with them. Do not over think the moment or feel that you have something to prove. Simply bond over the lack of a proper date for the evening. Keep the conversation upbeat and avoid seeming depressed or unhappy with being a single at a wedding.  

2Have fun

Attend the wedding with the intension of celebrating love and having fun. Avoid the temptation to attend weddings for the sole purpose of hunting for a mate. This will cause a great deal of anxiety and cause you to appear desperate.  

3Get to know who’s who

Before approaching that one that caught your eye, be sure that you have done your homework. Find out who are friends, family, co-workers and more. Also determine who was accompanied by a date and who came without their significant other.  Once that has been determined, move in and begin your mating ritual. 

4Use the bride and groom as your wingmen

The bride and groom are the ONLY people at the event that have an intimate knowledge of everyone present.  Utilize them (in a tactful manner that will not distract from their evening) as the ultimate set of wingmen.  They can introduce you, give a brief bio on your perspective mate and offer you accreditation.  

5Do not smother

This is your first encounter and not your first date. Do not make the mistake of following close behind your perspective mate for the entire evening. Once a rapport is established and a connection is made, exchange numbers and continue to enjoy your evening. Do not give in to the urge to lay stake to them. This will do nothing more than guarantee that they will never call or answer your call once the night is over.


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