It is not possible to emulate all the gastronomical variety that Spain offers. There are so many interesting places, each with its own specialties, that tourist will most definitely find overwhelming by many fragrance and tastes.

Spain is famously known for having so many things such as football, flamenco and stunning coastlines, the excellent nightlife, the lazy sunny days, the usual siestas and the fact that Spanish is one of the most spoken language in the world after mandarin.

Away from that, the Spanish delicacies have their own charm, surprising visitors through diversity, color and fusion of tastes.

Read on the 5 tasty foods to try in Spain


You cannot visit Spain without experiencing the taste of Tapas. It is just like visiting Paris without witnessing the Tour Eiffel.

Firstly, tapas are not the normal food, they are like little meals that the natives eat anytime of the day. Tapas is a Spanish word spelt as “tapear” which basically means “eating tapas”.

There are normally free when ordered with other foods, although there are places such as Andalusia or Basque Country where you probably will not get any free tapas.


It is a traditional rich meal originating in Valencia. There are three types of paella that are known in Spain. They are; paella valenciana (vegetables, white rice, duck, chicken, land snails, rabbit meat, spices and beans), seafood paella ( seafood, rice and seasoning) and finally paella mixtaa free style mixture which is made up of seafood, chicken, rice, olive oil, vegetables and other spices

3Gazpacho in Andalusia

Just like other Spanish foods, gazpacho can be cooked in several ways. Cold or warm, salad, soup or even stew.

Gazpacho is basically prepared from cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, onion, wine vinegar. A small amount of olive oil and salt.

It is perfect for a late lunch!

4Crema catalana in Barcelona

Most people claim that crema catalana is similar to the French “Crème Brule”, although there are small differences between the two incredible desserts.

Catalana is infused with cinnamon and lemon rand and is served cold while Brule is served warm and is baked in bain-marie.

Crema catalane is ideal for a hot summer day.

5Gambas ajillo (garlic prawns)

When it comes to seafood, Gambas ajillo is the best choice. This Spanish dish is precisely delicious! Whether served as a main dish or tapas. They are very quick and simple to prepare. It will not take you more than 10 minutes of cooking, to enjoy this tasty meal.

Bueno Provecho!


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