Rome Food
Pasta restaurant in Rome city Italy south Europe. Egg noodles, homemade food.Tasty and authentic Italian food.

If you are planning to travel to Rome, then you will definitely eat in Rome! There are thousands of amazing dishes in Rome, so that is a nice thing, isn’t it?

While in Rome, you will notice that there are so many tourists, although not all the hotels are roman, most of them take good care of tourists- serving exquisite Italian dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese that are not roman originated at all.

Sadly, they are most of the time microwaved to boot.

The truth of the matter however is that there are many dishes in Rome that you cannot find anywhere in the world.

If it’s hard for you to believe, why don’t you check out the 5 tasty foods to try in Rome?

1Pizza Bianca

It is translated as white pizza. Pizza Bianca is a pizza bread that is focaccia-styled in nature. It is widely available in all the bakeries in the country.

Be sure to visit one of the bakeries for a pizza Bianca that is fluffy, light, crispy and salty.


From fiori di zucca (zucchini flowers) to baccala (salt cod) to suppli (fried rice balls) to seafood. In Rome, fried dishes reign supreme.

You are probably thinking about your heart right now- the mere fact that the word “fried” is mentioned. However, a little fat, every now and then won’t take away your soul. Remember you are on holiday,


It is painful to imagine life without Carbonara. The perplexing question though is, who cooks the best Carbonara in Rome?

Well, you just have to find the answer yourself- Hint: actually the answer is in Rome!

4Pizza roman style

Pizza is very thin and delicious at the same time. It is one of the best and most popular dishes in Rome. You just have to find the perfect restaurant or book a dinner reservation for a pizza outing.

5Quinto Quarto (offal)

This dish originated in the Testaccio region in Rome. The best thing about this dish is that it is simple, easy and fast to cook.

While in Rome, make sure you grab one.


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