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New York is the place where a lot of amazing dishes have originated. Also, one finds some great adaptations to various cuisines from all over the world in New York.

Here are 5 tasty foods to try in New York that are exclusive to the city’s flavour and uniqueness.

1Eggs Benedict

Egg Benedict is an epic dish defining brunch for several decades. It is an agglomeration of Canadian bacon and poached ova on an English muffin served with a very French hollandaise sauce. The best place to enjoy this dish in New York is a French restaurant.

2General Tso’s Chicken

The astonishing influence of this dish cannot be denied. It is the most famous Chinese dish invented in this country. Breaded chicken tidbits are stir-fried and mired in a sweet sauce with a few toasted chiles. It was named after General Tso Tsung-tang, the 19th-century military strategist.


New York-style cheesecake is mainly created from heavy or sour cream. The rich cake has a smooth texture with a dense, creamy consistency. Sour cream makes the cheesecake more resilient to freezing. The ultracreamy cheesecake of New York is perhaps, the world’s richest dessert.

4Manhattan Clam Chowder

This dish appears to be an American-Italian fused invention. Some places it is served in an entirely Sicilian sort of way having the rich red broth rife with rubbery, flavorful bivalves. Whereas at some bars, the dish with minced onions and green peppers, tastes positively Creole. Undoubtedly, a must try dish for everyone visiting New York.

5Coal-Oven Pizza

Pizza as it is known round the world as a lovely pie kind of dish; was invented in New York. One can experience the amazing invention at its best at one one of the city’s original coal-oven parlors. These ovens burn 200 degrees hotter as compared to wood thereby bringing a wonderful difference in the texture of the crust.


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