Indian Food

India- the mystic land of Yoga, the birthplace of Kamasutra. The home of the Himalayas, the abode of the Ganges.

The moment you talk of India, there is a very charming rosy picture that paints itself in front of you. Travelers from across the World bear testimony to the fact that it is a wonderful country to visit any time of the year. And most of them also swear to the fact that a visit to this country is incomplete until you savor the delicacies that are on offer to tickle your tongues. So, if you have already been to India or are planning to visit anytime soon, we bring to you a compilation of 5 tasty foods that you should never miss while you are in India.

1Panipuri chaat

Get ready to give your tongue the taste of a tangy mix of potato, tamarind, chilli, onion and other spices stuffed inside round, hollow fried crisp known as puri served with spicy water. It’s a popular street snack that can be found everywhere in India. Gol gappa, Puchka are its other alternative names.

2Butter Chicken

This is absolutely India exclusive. A makhani sauce made of butter, tomato puree and other spices is cooked with marinated chicken and is a popular dish not only in India but around the World. But as they say, nothing beats the original flavor!


This is one of the most famous appetizers from India. Samosas are deep fried and are actually triangular shaped pastries that are filled with onions, potatoes, peas, dry fruits mixed with lots of spices. Tempting, indeed!


If you like milk shakes, you would definitely love lassi. It is a traditional yogurt drink that is made by mixing yogurt with water and garnishing with spices.

5Palak Paneer

A curry sauce of spinach filled with lots of cottage cheese – that’s the idea of Palak Paneer, a very popular dish in India. Eaten along with Indian bread, this delicacy will definitely leave your mouth wanting for more.


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