Barbecue Snags

In a land as diverse as Australia, there are many local dishes that are prepared using ingredients which are nutritious and healthy. The Australian tasty food range from the Thai curries to Mediterranean cuisine.

Here are the top 5 tasty foods in Australia to try.

1Barbecued snags

At the heart of any good Barbie there are Australian snags that are of different varieties ranging from the traditional beef or pork to those that are flavored with different spices and herbs obtained from different regions within Australia. Barbecued snags are usually rolled on a slices of bread and covered with a sauce for additional taste.


Pavlova is a popular meringue based dessert which has a soft, light inside and a crisp crust on the outside. Pavlova is usually decorated using fresh fruits and whipped cream that adds more taste and flavor.

3Hamburger with beetroot

Although hamburgers are found all over the world, the Australian Hamburger with beetroot is completely different. This is because the dish is prepared using the beetroot which is placed on top of the soft bun and Aussie beef. The finishing touch of beetroot makes the Hamburger even more delicious and nutritious.

4Crab sticks

Crab sticks are an indispensable part of Australian culture. The dish contains no crab and is prepared by shaping and curing a pulverized fish to resemble crab leg meat. Crab sticks is one of the mostly adored meals especially by those who love seafood.

5Vegemite on toast

In Australia, Vegemite on toast is one of the mostly used foods that many enjoy along breakfast or afternoon tea. Vegemite is very different from the Britain’s Marmite and more savory and sweet. Vegemite on toast is easy to prepare and you only need to spread the toast and apply an even spread of your chosen vegetables. The vegetables used make the dish even more delicious and healthy.


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