Heart Palpitation

Very few things are scarier (or worse) than heart palpitations that come every 5 or 10 seconds and seem like they will not go away anytime soon. This usually feels like the heart is just about to give up. There are some permanent remedies you can utilize to get rid of heart palpitations and there are also some simple tricks that you can use to slow down or stop them for some time. 

I wish I knew these tricks and tips when my heart palpitations first went out of control. Some of these tricks are more effective than others but they are all worth trying. It is also essentialto note that, you should only use these tricks if your doctor or physician has confirmed that the palpitations are nothing to worry about and are just an annoyance. 

Here are some simple tricks that you can utilize to stop Heart Palpitations:


Yep, you heard me right! A simple cough can help reset your heart’s rhythm. Most people have tried it and say it works miracles.

2Bear Down

There is no other polite way to put this, but the main idea here is to clinch the muscles of your stomach so that you mimic the act of relieving yourself in the bathroom-Do it as if you are pushing a bowl out(But be cautious here not to mess up and do the actual thing) This helps to reroute the circuits and the palpitations may slow down or go away.

3Cold Water

Taking a cold shower or splashing water (cold) on your body helps to shock your body and in turn ends up resetting your heart rhythm. This might be a great idea for some people but for those who do not fancy cold showers it might be tricky. But it is effective and works.

4Valsalva Maneuver

The vagus nerve is a major cause of palpitations. Stimulating the nerve, can have a significant effect on your pulse rate. This will help stop the heart palpitations and restore your normal pulse rate. Doing the Valsalva maneuver is an effective way of stimulating the vagus nerve. To do it, use your fingers to hold your nostrils and close your mouth as you attempt to breathe out forcefully like you are blowing a balloon. Another way of doing it is to make a fist and try blowing into it like someone who is blowing up a balloon. If you do this correctly, you will a experience some instant relief from the heart palpitations. This trick works in the same way as the Bear down technique mentioned above.

5Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are ideal for minimizing anxiety and can definitely assist in slowing down your pulse rate, which in turn can help reduce your heart palpitations. Therefore, do deep breathing exercises that you like and see if it will work. I find these exercises fun but when the heart is skipping a lot; it can be tricky to focus on breathing. On the other hand, if you have some free time in the afternoon or morning, some cardio workouts that get your heart rate up for sometime can also do wonders to restore your normal pulse rate.

Note that these are only temporary relief techniques for halting heart palpitations.  Humble request: Kindly if approve and accept this article, please favor me with a five-star rating.


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