Feeling Beautiful

As we mature, we become increasingly hard on ourselves. 

This tends to begin in adolescence and progress through life. A pimple, a slight wrinkle, a change of color a few strands of hair can have us feeling as if we are not beautiful. We find it easier to lose sight that beauty comes from within, because society tells us that it is on the outside. All is not lost.

With the following five tricks, you can feel beautiful every day. 

1Love and Care for You

There is no rule that says that you have to sit and wait for someone else to pamper you or that you must wait for someone else to love and accept you.  Tell yourself that you are loved. Show yourself love. Pamper yourself. Whether it’s a spa day at home or a much needed massage or a new treat that you lovedo it. You deserve the best, even if it comes from you. When you are in love, you are the most beautiful. Therefore, why not have a love affair with yourself?

2Believe and Accept Compliments

So often, we second guess a compliment, believing that a person has an ulterior motive of that they are just being polite. Why deprive yourself of that fabulous feeling of someone noticing how beautiful you are and feel? Instead of bypassing or denying the compliment, smile and accept it as you take it in and believe it.

3Relax  Do NOT take yourself so seriously.

Have fun with your mistakes and flaws. Be able to laugh at yourself just as you would anything else. When you take yourself so seriously, you become hyper-critical which causes stress, which creates a non-beautiful being.

4Change Your Focus 

Do NOT focus on what you think is wrong with you. Focus on what you feel is right. Enhance your assets and realize what makes you the best you. No longer compare yourself to anyone. You cannot be them and vice versa. Be the best you that you can be. This will increase your confidence, which makes you look more beautiful to others while making you feel beautiful every day.

5Surround Yourself with Those that See and Appreciate your Beauty 

We all have a habit of seeking out the popular crowd and desperately vying for their acceptance. This [generally] causes stressful, confidence defeating encounters. As an alternative, strive to be around those that see your beauty, inside and out. The encounters born from this are uplifting and a boost to self-esteem. It allows you to be comfortable in your own skin, which allows you to feel better about your individuality. It is that individuality that makes you beautiful.      

There is nothing complicated about these steps at all. The effects take hold within moments of implementation. You will smile more, enjoy life more, and you will be more comfortable. Truth be told, comfort is the portion of any beauty regiment. Feeling beautiful every day has very little to do with physical changes, but everything to do with internal changes. For beauty truly begins within and is reflected externally. The better you feel, the more beautiful you appear and feel.


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