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5 Simple Rules to Dating a Single Mother

Dating Single Mom

Dating a single mum is a game on a totally new level from what you are used to. For some men, it is like navigating busy streets in a foreign land. The big question is where do men go wrong?

There are some dating rules every single mother wishes she could scream out of a roof tip for all men to know.

Here are 5 Simple rules to dating a single mother that you should know about

1 Never mention the ex

Asking her about her hobbies, very okay, asking her about her kids father, terrible idea. Its a never ever especially if it’s the first date. They are no longer together for a reason, probing about him is a sure exit ticket. Some women may bring up the topic, but that doesn’t mean you ask questions, just be a gentleman and listen. 

2Do not ask when you will meet the kid(s)

If you thought that meeting her parents is a big deal, think again. Meeting her kid(s) is an even bigger deals. Single moms do not introduce their kids to just any man. They only introduce them to men they are sure about. Just be patient, when she feels the time is right, you will not even have to ask if you can meet them. 

3Don’t bother playing games

Single moms have their hands full. They have a lot to worry about. Trying to play games with a single mum is a dumb idea. They will all backfire in your face. Taking hours to reply to her text may work on other women, but not for a single mum. Just be straight and honest with her. They really appreciate the honesty. 

4Be patient Patience pays.

Trying to rush things with a single mum is a big mistake. Many single moms are still learning how to balance between dating life and being mothers. Instead of giving her a hard time, help her adjust. If she feels like you are rushing her, she will probably back out. Take it slow, eventually she will come around. 

5Single mums do not need rescuing

Single moms are not helpless little girls who want to be rescued by a knight in a shining armor. They are mature independent women. Don’t assume that she is clingy and will want to settle down immediately.

The truth is that most single moms just want to have for fun. They will only settle down with a man they know.  Single mums are still women. Treat her with the respect and honestly she deserves. You will be surprised how much fun dating a single mom can be.


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