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It sometimes gets really hard for men to to understand a woman’s mind. There are several signals to her emotions that are expressed through her actions and body language. 

If you need some added clarification and are worried that she may not be interested in you, here are 5 definite signs she is just not that into you.  

1She Doesn’t Initiate or Return Calls 

When a woman is not calling you or returning your phone calls or messages, or answers them after days, she may be avoiding you. Even if she doesn’t avoid you intentionally, she simply forgets and you are not on her mind. In both the cases, she has less invested as compared to you and doesn’t care much to spend time in your company. If she’s not initiating the conversation or responding to it, she’s not that into you. 

2She Isn’t Ready for a Relationship

To let you off easy, a woman may use this line. When a woman says that she is not ready for a relationship right now, the true message behind these lines is that she is just not that into you. She may be hurt from her previous relationship, but she will definitely make sure your interests are not diverted to any other woman, if she is interested in you. 

3She Cancels Your Plans

Regardless of how busy a woman’s schedule is, she will always have some time for you, if she is interested in you. If you are the one who always makes plans and most of them keep getting cancelled because she refuses them with excuses, she wants to deliver the message that she is just not that into you.

4She Keeps Mentioning Other Men To You

If she always keeps talking about other men and finds them attractive, she is surely not that into you. This indicates that it’s time you stop making efforts to win her over. It usually means that you are in the friend zone. She is just sharing her thoughts with you just like she speaks to her other girlfriends.

5She Avoids Physical Proximity

If a woman tried to stay at a foot’s distance from you most of the times, she may be protecting her personal space. This is usually overlooked by many men, whereas it’s a sign that she is not attracted to you. If she is attracted, she will naturally want to make an eye contact and stay close to you. If she evades your gaze consciously, she may be trying to avoid you.


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