With the Bible being one of the most sold and highly read books in the world, you would expect humans to live exemplary kind of lives. But day in day out, we see people from all walks of life doing the exact opposite of what the Holy Book dictates. Interestingly, a lot of people who go against these Biblical teachings are Christians. Perhaps, it’s due to the assumption that Biblical teachings were a thing of the past hence, have no place in the modern world

Although there are countless things that the Bible warns us against, a number of them are just too hard to adhere to.

Here are the top 5 normal things the Bible forbids but we still do:


Consulting with Psychics and Wizards: According to Leviticus 19:31, the Lord commands that we should never seek out any forms of mediums, such as wizards, witches, palm readers and psychics for they will end up defiling us. Despite this, we can’t help but desire to see tricks played by magicians, seek the help of psychics when we have problems or consult other mediums when in need of communicating with the dead. And while some of us have made attempts to have our palms read, others can’t start their day without first reading the horoscopes.


Wearing of Sexy Clothes: In the book of 1st Timothy 2:9, women are asked to only wear clothes that are decent. Also, they are asked to not braid their hair, put on pearls, gold or any other type of expensive clothing. This is indeed one of the hardest commands to keep as ever woman desires to wear clothes that flatter them and make them stand out. Also, we all know that jewelry, especially expensive ones, are a favorite of all women. If this command was to be executed, there’d be no more Victoria Secret, fashion shows or beach wear.


Eating Pork / Bacon:

In Leviticus 11:4, the Bible warns people against consuming meat from any of the animals that don’t both chew cud and have spit hooves. Thus, a pig is regarded as unclean. Despite all this, it’s very hard for us to not eat pork, or bacon. After all, a breakfast without bacon can’t be regarded as complete. And don’t we all love waking up to the smell of bacon in the kitchen. The same command applies to eating small animals (Leviticus 11: 29) like the snails.


Having Pre-marital Sex: On numerous accounts, both in the Old and the New Testament, pre-marital sex is highly denounced.

Getting a Divorce: In 1 Corinthians 7: 10, the Bible dictates that married couples should never get divorced. As a matter of fact, God hates divorce. But in case they two have to, then, they should remain single for the rest of their lives or, until their ex-partner dies. Remarrying after a divorce is considered adulterous.

Being Homosexual: In Leviticus 18:22, the act of a man lying with another man is considered abomination.

Withdrawal Method: This is mentioned in Genesis 38:9 whereby Onan was put to death for pulling out so that he could not produce offspring for his older brother Er.

But based on the modern day lifestyle, children are losing their virginity in their early teenage years, there are more people getting divorced than there are getting married, almost every country is legalizing homosexuality and well, when there’s no better family planning method at hand, a man has to withdraw.


Sabbath is considered a holy day in the Bible (Bible 31:14) hence the command to rest on Sabbath. Due to the rapid increase in living standards and people’s desire to be successful, it’s hard to observe this command. As of today, lots of business operate 24-7 and with lots of people working all week long.

Though all of these are regarded as Biblical commands, to us, they are extremely normal hence, very hard to part with. But just in case you feel like you are the worst sinner on earth, it’s time you knew that you aren’t alone. And since lots of these teachings belonged in the Old Testament, it’s possible that if God was to inspire the modern day man and woman to write a 21st kind of a Bible, most of these teachings would be repealed.


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