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5 First Date Tips That Are Actually Useful


Friends and family often offer tons of dating advise that..let’s face rarely works.  Although they may mean well, the advice generally comes from books written by people who haven’t had a date since Johnny Carson headed the Tonight Show.  

The following will help you ensure that your first date with that special someone will not be a bust

1Plan non-adventurous dates 

The point of a first date is to get to know each other better; therefore, plan a date that will allow you to talk and [possibly] bond. Save the adventurous outings for later in the relationship when you know each other better. 

2Be prepared  Ensure that you have done your homework.

Know that dinner will not cause an allergic reaction in her, or that she will enjoy live music.  Also know if you two will meet at a particular location or if you will be picking her up or providing a car.  Have more than enough cash on hand to cover any expenses that may occur through the course of the evening. Have back-up plans. That quaint little jazz club may be at capacity by the time you get therenow what will you do? 

3Dress comfortably

Forget about dressing to impress..it never works. You will simply be uncomfortable and unnatural and it will show; causing a night filled with awkwardness. Dress comfortably and allow your personality to shine, not the dressing. Also, when you are comfortable, you are confident.  Confidence is the most alluring feature a person can possess; let it lead you into date number 2. 

4Pocket the phone

You are on a date, shy would you need to spend time on your phone? Unless you are calling for a cab or car service, leave it in your pocket. Ignoring a women so that you can make or check social media statuses does not make you seem important; just makes you look like an inattentive jerk.  Show her that dating you means that your time together is precious.  

5Keep the small talk flowing

Do not allow for major lag times in your conversations. Engage your date in small talk, even if it is asking if they have ever been to the venue that you are currently sitting in. Ask about her week, etc., or continue a pre-date topic of discussion. 

Just do not let the majority of your date to become odd moments of silence. You are supposed to be getting to know her, do so. You will learn nothing from silence.


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