Mexican Food

If you are in Mexico and you are a lover of food, then please be aware of the following dishes that you just HAVE to try. You might not understand the names of many of these dishes but be rest assured, that every good restaurant will serve them. They are delicious, unique or a combination of both and will leave you returning to the country of Mexico, again and again.

5 Delicious Dishes to Try in Mexico

1Huevo Rancheros

This is a breakfast dish and basically means “Rancher’s eggs”. Two eggs are usually served on wholemeal tortillas and finished off with a tomato, chilli sauce and cheese. Huevo Rancheros will sometimes be served with tortilla chips and refried beans, depending on where you get them. It’s no oatmeal but it’s definitely one of the most healthiest breakfast options that you will find in Mexico and it’s tasty too!

2Chile Relleno

This is a great option for you, if you are visiting a Mexican cafe/restaurant and you fancy trying something a little different. You will be served up poblano peppers, stuffed with cheese. In this particular dish, the peppers are coated in an egg batter and fried until they are golden brown. They are then topped with a chunky, red salsa and served with some kind of rice.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of tacos as they are popular in a number of countries. Mexico is famous for their tacos and you simply can’t visit, without tasting this staple dish on it’s home turf. In Mexico, tacos are soft, corn tortilla shells that are actually laid flat on the plate. They will then be topped with the meats and vegetables of your choice. Some popular choices include chorizo, beef, chicken, fish or of course, you can go for the plain vegetarian option. Some lettuce, avocado, onion and some type of dressing is then usually added. Tacos can be slightly different from place to place in Mexico, so make sure that you try them in a couple of different places. They can be messy to eat, but that’s half the fun of it!

4Sopa de Lima

As you might be aware by now, the Mexican’s love their bread and pastry type dishes – so it’s time to try something a little healthier. Sopa de Lima is a gorgeous flavored soup but it can be difficult to come by, mostly being served in the Yucat√°n State. It is usually made with turkey or chicken with onion, tomatos and crushed tortilla chips. A variety of spices are also added to give the soup a unique flavor. If you are visiting Mexico but still want to stay relatively healthy, this is the dish for you.


It’s time for those sugary snacks that we all love and with that, comes churros. You will find churros being served wherever you visit in Mexico and they are sure to inject some sweetness into your life, when you most need it. The deep fried pastry type food, taste exactly like doughnuts but even more delicious.


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