Men Choosing Dress

Whether you are male or female, you want to make a terrific impression on your first date. Yes, someone’s got to notice both your fine innermost qualities and physical attributes, not just your snappy dressing. What we wear portrays not only our personalities, but also day-to-day lives. Which is why you want to get it straight from the word “go”. I mean, the following tips should get you right in the game.

1Dress for the occasion

Find out what date type it is; is it fancy or casual? Obviously, you don’t want to get super-dressed on a hiking date. Plus, showing up in a fancy restaurant in some old jeans or yesterday’s t-shirt would only screw it up. Shoes is a factor to consider as well, depending on occasions. And unless you are comfortable doing so, don’t wear heels.

2Wear what is comfortable

Your date is bound to notice an uncomfortable feel of your outfits. Plus, you don’t want to send this awkward feeling that does come with it. It’s the reason you, at least, should avoid wearing something you would have to fiddle with or adjust constantly, just because you aren’t comfortable in it. You want to look confident and good.

3Flatter your best features

While your date will surely but slowly be drawn to your personality, first impressions do tend to come from looks. Speaking of which, ladies might want to highlight the curves, plus flatter their build with colors without compromising fit. For men, a focus on how the clothing fits and colors that would work well is a plus. Of course, you want to flaunt what you are made of. Besides, your goal is to make a killer impression.

4Adopt a unique style

Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard with a show of how different you are from everyone around, but let your outfit try to demonstrate some sort of individuality. Either, a flare of uniqueness would make your date want to remember the date, not mentioning getting to know you better. Which is why standing out in the crowd, just a little, might be inevitable. And did you know accessories might come in just handy?

5Minimize scent

Get me right here! Wanting to smell just nice is quite fine. But nothing is as worse as going up to your date being engulfed in some cloud of cologne or body spray. Yes, most guys tend to overdo it. But you don’t want to be off the wagon. Just smell nice!

Hopefully that tips helps.


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