Different Animals

The ecosystem is a puzzle in itself with such vast variety of species. Some of them have adapted amazing abilities to survive in the dangerous place called earth. While we can only dream of becoming the superheroes of our favourite movies and books, there are animals in the wild with real life super powers.

Here are 5 bizarre Animals With Real Life Super Powers.

1Bombardier Beetle : Energy Explosions

Though, a lot of animals have the ability to release foul-smelling chemicals, inks or feces from their bodies, the bombardier beetle is quite the next level of such powers. It can harness the power of chemical reactions and result in an explosive release of a boiling liquid from its body that can travel up to seventy times per encounter. Undoubtedly, a superpower.

2Archer Fish – Sharp Shooting

The archerfish is found mainly in India and Polynesia. This fish has an interesting and unique manner to catch its prey. It does’t wait for an insect to to get into the water, instead it shoots a stream of water up to fifteen feet above using its specially-shaped lower jaw and knocks the insect out. Its quite usual for this fish to shoot and kill a bug six feet above the surface of the water.

3The Axolotl – Regeneration

The axolotl is a cute looking amphibian that has an amazing superpower of regeneration. It can loose and regenerate almost every part of its body including the tail, limbs as well as the organs. It can even regenerate its head and brain, without any scar tissue. An even more freaky thing about the salamander is that it can adopt limbs and organs from other axolotl as well. Its unique ability has also made the axolotl to be known as the Frankenstein Salamander.

4The mimic octopus – Impersonation

The mimic octopus possesses such superpowers that are no less than a fantasy film. The octopus can change its shape in a matter of seconds and can mimic the body shapes of a variety of underwater creatures. It has been observed to adapt the shape of a flat fish, sea snake, a lion fish and a jelly fish. An interesting thing to note is that that all of these creatures are poisonous, which means that the octopus uses impersonation as a defence mechanism to prevent the attacks of predators. Though the reason of the shape changing ability is not yet confirmed, there is no doubt that the mimic octopus is one of the most bizarre creatures on our planet.

5The Basilisk Lizard – Walk On Water

This lizard surely exhibits the most magical superpower that has not yet been found to be possessed by any human. The basilisk lizard can walk on water with a surprising ease. Their long toes have made it possible to achieve this impressive trick. Their toes have have fringes of skin in between, that this lizard rapidly slaps against the water, creating air pockets and keeping it afloat. The basilisk lizard always remains near water as it uses the water-walking skills to escape predators. The lizard is also known as the Jesus Christ Lizard due to the incredible skill.


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