Italian Pasta

Are you vacationing or planning to visit Italy? You may already have popular tourist destinations in mind that you would love to visit; however, your visit would not be complete without you having the chance to sample the country’s 5 best tasty foods.


This is Italy’s version of ice cream only it tastes better, contains less butterfat, is creamier and richer and is slightly warmer than ice cream. Italy contains an endless supply of gelati with dozens of flavors to choose from. It does not matter whether you fancy nuts, mint, nutella, fruits or cookies, you are more than likely to find your favorite flavor in the numerous gelatarias that are scattered all over Italy.


This popular Italian dish is made by cooking rice in broth made from either meat or vegetables. This particular dish is quite popular in Venice with numerous restaurants providing tasty variations such as mushroom and seafood risotto. You will also find seasonal risottos that include seasonal vegetables.


Italian Carbonra

Carbonara Bombard your taste buds with this classic combination of spaghetti noodles, egg, bacon, cheese and white wine cooked together. Different variations can be found across the world, but none can compare to the Italian original.


MargheritaThis popular pizza is made by preparing various toppings on a thin pita-style crust. This pizza would not be complete without its core ingredients: basil, mozzarella cheese and special sauce. Each restaurant may add its own unique twist to it, but the original flavor is preserved. Despite its simplicity, it is one delicious treat that you must try on your visit to Italy.


This famous dessert has been replicated the world over, with good reason. The luxurious Italian dessert is made by combining cake and ice cream in layers. Furthermore, to add to its unique taste, the cake is soaked in brandy or coffee. You can easily find this dessert on every corner and can have it the traditional way, or instead have massive layers of ice cream with a thin layer of cake in a wide glass.


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