Most true anglers would agree; a pot-hole filled with water is truly a temptation that’s quite hard to resist. In fact, most anglers would be ready to try out any body of water with hopes and dreams of landing the big one. Though, despite that, you couldn’t deny the fact that they also want a break and catch the fishes on the areas that are quite popular for it, and we’re here to give you just that.

Here are the 4 cool places you have to go fishing.

1Prince Edward Island

Located in Nova Scotia Canada, the Prince Edward Island is considered to be one of the best places in the world to catch a massive tuna. To support that, in 1979, a fisherman managed to get his hands on a bluefin tuna weighing 1,496 pounds. Not just that, throughout the years, it has been reported that most visitors, locals, and skilled fisherman usually catch something that weighs more than a thousand pound. Likewise, it has been said that the odds of catching tunas this size are relatively better as compared to any other places in the world. Though, before going to this place, it’s very important to prepare yourself for a battle of a lifetime. Equip your boats with fighting chairs and the like.

2Malindi, Kenya

For offshore slam, this would be the place to go. The central coast of Malindi is one of the few places that allow anglers to realistically accomplish their hopes and dreams of catching a billfish royal slam, or perhaps, if you’re lucky enough, you could even catch a fantasy slam! Though, the latter requires five species of billfish in a day, and you could find them all here. As a matter of fact, we believe that someday, some lucky angler would be able to go beyond the fantasy slam and catch the ultimate six species within 24 hours! These are the striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin, swordfish, sailfish, and the shortbill spearfish.


Panama is one of the best places in the world to catch a big fish on poppers! This productive offshore seamounts, as well as rugged coastline is packed with nearshore reefs as well as rocky headlands. Here, you could witness schools of tuna patrol iconic seamounts, just like the Hannibal banks and Zane Grey. Usually, they could be seen frothing the surface, together with the dolphins. On the other hand, the topwater predators that often lurk closer to the shore are the roosterfish, huge subera snapper, bluefin trevally, and other game fish you could imagine. It’s a tourist-friendly location and you’ll be welcome with a number of excellent fishing resorts when you go here.


Interested in catching a monster marlin? Then this fishing spot should be on your go-to list, because a lot of bona fides have asserted that fact for decades. Aside from that, it has been noted that no country has ever matched the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship Bermuda has to offer. So far, the largest blue taken here weighs around 1,352 pounds. Though, aside from blues, you could also catch yellowfins, white marlins, and woohoo here.


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