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3 Tasty Treats to Try in Germany

German Food

Regardless of how many cuisines you have had tasted, you’ll always find something more surprising and delicious in its own way. In Germany, you’ll find real essence of food lovers while exploring their traditional markets. Walk into any of the popular markets and you’ll feel like you are stepping back in time. The aromas of meat cooking, and freshly baked breads can make you nostalgic anytime. You can see it, and definitely taste it!

Exploring popular markets in Germany like Frankfurt, Lubeck Cologne, and Hamburg will make you familiar with a lot of staples. However, we found a few unique items for to relish. These 5 top tasty treats are must have when visiting Germany.


Glühwein is a traditional mulled wine and is a must try when visiting Germany in winters. Since the temperature outdoors is always chilling, the Gluhwein can be the best remedy to give some heat to your belly. Made from red wine, heated fruit and some spices, the wine is a perfect blend of traditional and modern touch. Commonly used spices in this wine are cinnamon, anise, cloves, and vanilla. All the ingredients are mixed well in a glowing hot iron pot. As soon as you take the first sip, you can literally guess each and every ingredient used by the manufacturer to give it a personal touch. It is best enjoyed when served in room temperature.



Mutzen is a delicious, palatable, yet simple warm treat to have at some of the popular markets in Germany. It is mostly available in bite sized pieces of pastry that is made from eggs, flour, sugar, and traditional spices. The dough is delicately cut into small diamond shapes that are then deep fried, filled into a thin crust paper cone and lightly sprinkled with icing sugar. If we talk about taste, these are sweet, fluffy and a lot of fun to eat. In a lot of ways they look similar Canadian “timbits”, but the taste is totally different and speaks German in every bite


Schmachtlappen is more like a medieval pizza that is made with a loaf of bread. The bread is heavily topped with meat, exotic vegetables, and cheese, but without any sauce. More than a dozen of loafs are placed inside a long wooden spatula and slid into oven heated by wooden burning flames. If you are a pizza enthusiast who has travelled the world and tried different variations of pizzas, this medieval one is definitely going to excite you. The dough is thick and topped with a thin layer of crust with a hint of campfire smell. While the loaf is soft, chewy, the topping is something to die for. The meat is flavorful and the sweet hint of fresh vegetables makes the whole experience crunchy. There is no denying that Schmachtlappen is a best treat for a festive holiday experience.

When visiting a new country, it is always better to overindulge rather than missing out on some culinary experience. Note that Germans know how to cook, and every dish is a treat in itself, worth cherishing for a long time.


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