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One of the most extravagant cuisines in the world, Greek cuisine is famous for its innumerable delicacies. From all forms of meat like lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork, to the use of wine and olives for most of the dishes, Greek cuisine serves you with the most finger-licking food. With a culinary tradition as long as 4000 years, the flavours of Greek cuisine change with seasons and geography. Though one may find Greek food throughout the world, yet the charm of dining amidst the exotic ambience of Greece is truly a lifetime experience. To give you an insight into the top places to dine for Greek cuisine, we list down 3 perfect dining experiences in Greece just for you!

1Selene (Santorini, Cyclades)

This is probably the best restaurant one can encounter at an island. This eating joint was shifted from Fira to Pyrgos in 2010 which has made dining experience exclusively beautiful for its visitors. The new Selene also possesses a Cafe and a wine bar to taste the oldest and finest drinks of the country. The speciality of this restaurant is that they offer free cooking classes to the ones who want to dig in their hands into Greek cuisine. The owner of the restaurant, George Haziyannakis loves to experiment with the traditional Greek food and comes up with new innovations every now and then to serve his guests with the best. This is probably the most unique dining experience one can have in Greece.

2Avocado (Syntagma, Athens)

Ok, so Greece can be a bit harsh on the vegetarian because of the extensive use of various types of meat in their dishes. Avocado comes as a rescue for vegetarians in Greece serving you with the best veggies one can get in the country. This place might not suit the ones who would want a huge sized space to dine but with stunningly delicious vegetarian Greek dishes treating your mouth, no one would have the time to observe that. The best vegetarian food is right here. With thousands of 5 star reviews, this place is also recommended for non-vegetarians to try out the veggie treat. Having said this, believe it or not, Avocado gives you a perfect dining experience in Greece.

3Eleas Gi ( Kifisia, Athens)

This restaurant offers an enormous menu with 15 courses of traditional Greek delights. The view from the terrace gives you the perfect evening for a delicious dinner. The servicing is absolutely friendly and the dishes are too good to waste. You would not want to leave a single piece on the plate while billing. The terraced dining area and the glamorous view is what make this place jump into the top 3 perfect dining experiences one can have in Greece. It is a must visit for all, not just for the romantic view, but also for the perfectly cooked traditional Greek cuisine served with love.

The three dining arenas mentioned above give you the best you can ever get out of Greek cuisine. The ambience and the happy staff of these 3 perfect dining restaurants leave you with sweet memories to cherish along with the ones attached to the tasteful Greek food. Having friendly and smiling people around, enjoying Greek delicacies serves as a cherry on the cake. Barging into one of the above places is all that is needed to make your dining experience in Greek a perfect one.

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