Crafting Tools

Being engaged in craft is a great way to unleash your artistic side. Likewise, it’s also one of the ways to keep children entertained while developing their creativity at the same time.

Here’s a list of the 19 easy craft projects to exercise and improve your crafting skills.

1Easy and Cheap Lanterns/Caterpillar

In order to do this easy craft, you’re going to need some pipe cleaners, egg cartons, and paint. Likewise, you could also make some colorful Chinese Lanterns by using colored cardboard and string– to hang them out and use them as pieces of decorations.


You could make puppets out of felt and there’s no need for you to even sew them. With a little glue and creativity, you’ll be able to make your own set of puppets or have your kids make them with with you. You could use ribbons, beads, buttons, and other materials that could give your puppet a “character.”

3Beach Collage

If you love going to the beach, then you should start collecting things found from it, such as corals, feathers, and shells. Use these to make beach pictures or design a picture frame

4Creative Foam Door Hangers

If this craft would be made by little children, you just need to cut out the shapes and let them design their door hangers.


Kids would definitely enjoy making jewelry and beaded ornaments. It’s a great way to unleash their creativity and keep them entertained at the same time

6Salt Dough

Kids would definitely enjoy making salt dough, because the number of things they could make from it are virtually endless. It’s cheap, easily painted, and it could be a great medium to create accessories

7Laminated Place Mats

Don’t throw away the Sunday paper. Instead, cut out the colorful pictures and get some finger paints. Let your kids do a collage using finger painting, as well as the cutout images. Then, laminate the artwork and use it as a place mat.


Grab some toilet paper cartons and staple them together. Then, decorate this using paint, crayons, or even stickers. Don’t forget to add a string so that your child could wear it.

9Family Portraits

For this, you’ll need sheets of card, old newspapers, glue, and scissors. If you’re going to do this together with your kids, you can ask them to cut the pictures they like, or what they think resembles your family.

10Photo Frames

Look for your favorite photo, but you could always cut a picture from a magazine instead. Then, make a frame from a cardboard and cover this by decorating it with ribbons, beads, and other embellishments. Insert your photo


Most kids love to sew, even though they’re too young and are incapable of doing it properly. You could just use a plastic canvas instead, an embroidery thread and create some random patterns on the canvass that they could follow.

12Drinking Straws Garland

Don’t throw your drinking straws ever again; save them! Collect various colors of drinking straws and cut them into small pieces. Then, thread onto yarn to make a garland for your Christmas tree.

13Foot Prints

Fill up your small plastic containers with paint and spread a wide roll of paper on the floor. Let your child step on the paint and onto the paper. Let it dry and use the decorated paper as a gift wrap.

14Create a Wizzer

Grab a 2-hole button and insert the string on one hole, going to the next hole. Tie the ends of the string and you’ll have an instant toy!

15Painted Flowerpots

Make your flower pots more colorful and lively while painting on them.

16Foam Clock

You could create your very own clock using foam and don’t forget to glue some embellishments on it. It’s also a great project for kids.


Ask your kid to lie down on a piece of construction paper and trace his body. Once you’re done, ask him to color this and see how it’ll look like.

18Animal Treats

Let your kids make cookies with you. Allow them to design these treats, by using a cookie cutter and sprinkles. Likewise, you could also buy fat gumdrops and slice it in the middle, then, create a butterfly from it!

19Clay Figurines

Let your kids make their own masterpieces using polymer clay. Then, you could bake it using a conventional oven and have these figures for display.


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