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Counterfeiting is becoming a major hazard every day, especially due to the fact the many customers lack attention when shopping and purchasing “designer” clothing and accessories.

On the other hand, counterfeiters have become smarter and they take advantage of every opportunity to sell and get rid of their low-quality products to willing clients who want to spend less cash on them, creating items that appear just like the originals, sometimes with very small differences that cannot be easily spotted.

It is hard for many innocent customers to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit items, only experts can do- although not easy for them too!

Unfortunately, these common mistakes are still expensive to customers who do not identify them, thus spending their hard-earned cash on low quality items.

Before you buy a Dior bracelet or that Louis Vuitton handbag, you should first of all think twice! Is it fake or genuine?

To do this, read on the 10 Warning Signs of Fake Designer Clothing and Accessories below, to avoid falling into counterfeiters’ trap.

9New seller on the market

To begin with, the most cliché warning signs of counterfeit designer clothing and accessories refer mostly to new sellers on the market.

There are a number of risks associated with purchasing products from a newly opened store, and probably the most vital one is actually the lack of trustworthiness. These sellers have no positive reputation among customers and they have no previous transaction reviews or rather no customer experience reviews- this offers an opportunity for the sellers to ship in fake items.

Furthermore, most new sellers come up with false reviews to lure or manipulate potential customers, in order to gain trust for their products.

8When the price is too good to be true

It is usually not! Most retailers selling fake designer clothes and accessories offer prices that are low compared to the prices of original items, so that customers can afford them, eventually leading to increased sales

The best way to know whether an item is fake, is by checking out the price of the original product, and then compare it to the price offered by the seller in question.

7Negative seller’s feedback

Thanks to the existence of many websites and other online mediums that support and encourage customer reviews, their experience with different shops and sellers, the internet has become a resourceful tool where customers can use it to spot fake designer cloth and accessories.

If you take your time to read customer reviews, and identify plenty of negative reviews, then that is definitely a red flag! Although that does not mean a few bad experience means a product is counterfeit.

6Lack of description

Most counterfeit stores focus mainly on sales and forget to consider small details such as descriptions on their products. Sometimes the provided descriptions might be false

If you happen to stumble upon a designer cloth, garments or accessories you want to purchase, but cannot see a description, think deeply before you order.

5Quality seen through images

One of the key demerits of online shopping is that you cannot physically try out or rather sample the item that you want to purchase, you can also not examine its spot or workmanship. (Made in china inscriptions either)

You can only see pictures, which are probably stolen from the original website of the manufacturer. Images just like words sometimes, can be deceiving!

4Used vs. new

The perspective of buying second hand products is more often by passed by most customers, more so, because of the fact that they think low quality items are not worth any value.

However, there is a higher probability that customers will go for new p

Most people sell their old clothes and accessories, not because their quality is bad but because they do not suit their taste anymore.

Purchasing a second product can be a good thing, actually a great deal!


Another warning sign to consider when looking for designer clothes and accessories to purchase is the pictures of the items that you want to buy. Items that do not have pictures are precisely a warning sign!

2Logo and signs

Quite a significant number of retailers that sell fake designer clothes and accessories forget lamentably to notice the importance of incorporating the correct tags and logos in their items. Or when they do include tags and logos, it is difficult to identify the differences.

It is not possible to see at first glance, especially online. However, you can spot irregularities once you receive the item(s).


Most reputable designers have physically premises around the world, which is so true! But this does not mean you should be able to do shopping on a London based site if you are from America, because there are a number of inconveniences you may encounter during the shipping process.

Therefore, opt to purchase designer products from your country, as this will reduce the chances of encountering counterfeit products.

Bonus: top counterfeited brands in the world

The following are some of the most counterfeited brands in the world

  • Adidas ·
  • Nike
  • Rolex ·
  • Nike
  • Chanel
  • Prada
  • Gucci


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