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10 Texting Mistakes That Stop You from Getting the Date


Obtaining the phone number of the young lady that you desire is only half the journey when trying to secure a date. The second leg of that journey is not eliminating yourself from her dance card because of texting mistakes.

The following are the top 10 mistakes to avoid in order to ensure a night out on the town with your crush.

1Claiming to bored or without things to do.

If the majority of your conversations revolve around you stating that you are bored or that you are without something to do, this does NOT make you seem like a project to a woman.  This conveys to your prospective date that you lack interests and will be [potentially] needy. Also, how is she supposed to become excited about your first date when you can’t entertain yourself on a normal and consistent basis?

2Removing intrigue and surprise.

Once she has agreed to go on a date with you, do not end up spending the date night alone because you spilled all of the beans. Let her know the basics so that she can dress appropriately, but do NOT reveal everything.  Leave something for the element of surprise to sweep her off her feet. If she knows every detail beforehand, she may as well plan the night herself and spend it with friends.

3Complaining about text response time

It is NEVER a good idea to text a woman questioning her as to why it is taking her so long to respond or the fact that she may not have responded. Just because you are available at the moment, does not mean that she is as well. Also, you will come off to her as a creepy control freak that no one will want to date.  Have patience. She gave you her number because there is a shared interest.

4Overselling yourself

There is no need to make yourself sound like the only great guy on the planet. Just be yourself and let her unfold your layers gradually; she will see your worth over time. Bombarding the conversation with how amazing you are does nothing but show your focus is on you and not getting to know her. Overselling also hints at insecurity.

5Useless detail sharing

No one needs to know about your pet rabbit from the 3rd grade. Keep the information within the context of the conversation and useful.  Do not leave her with the impression that you have no friends and that she is the first girl you have ever spoken to in life.

6No extra apologies

If you need a bit more time to respond, do not apologize. Unless you truly make a blunder, get the I’m sorries under wraps.

7Delaying responses on purpose

This will not and does not make you seem allusive and worthy of the chase.  It makes you seem desperate and like a guy who reads too many How to Get Her books. Men are hunters and women are to be chased. Trying to flip the tables thinking it will make you seem more appealing, will simply leaving you dining alone.

8Not leaving her feeling positive

Do NOT bum her out with how glim the world is, or how horrible your ex is or how you hate visiting your uncle Jim Bob. Leave her feeling positive about the time she gives you each day. Make you feel like the sunshine in your hum drum day. She is not your therapist, she is the woman you want to date.

9Asking for a date after a negative moment/conversation

Always ask her out after a positive moment. Never try to force a positive out of a negative via text. You will seem insensitive.  Remember, she can’t hear your voice, etc., all she has to go on are the words that are emotionless.

10Assuming a relationship

Wait until you have a few dates under your belt before breaching the subject. Simply getting a woman’s number does not mean that you are exclusive and insinuating that will leave you dateless.


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