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10 Great First Date Questions

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So, you’ve got that all important first date coming up and you are a little nervous. How the first date goes effects whether there will be a second one so it’s important that you do it right! The first date should be kept fun but you should try and find out as much about the other person as possible.

The following 10 great first date questions, are really important ones to ask and are guaranteed to keep the conversation flowing.

1. You’re stranded on a desert island, what three things or people would you take with you? – This question makes the other person think and it can be the start of a great conversation. It also makes you find out more about whether they are materialistic.etc.

2. Have you seen any good movies lately? – This is an important question because you get an idea of what genre they like, which can help in planning future dates (if there are any!)

3. How was your day? – A simple question but one that shows you care. You can get a lot from their answer to this question too, like whether they are a positive or negative person.

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4. What is your calling in life? – This helps you to establish if your date has ambition or if they don’t really care about hard work.

5. Give me your best chat up line – This is great for breaking the ice and it also helps you get a sense of your dates humor.

6. Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? – Another interesting question that can give you an insight into the kind of personality that they have

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7. How do you feel about *insert hobby or particular passion of yours* – If you absolutely love something and your date hates it, then this is something that you need to know about. You don’t need to have a million and one things in common, but some mutual interests are important.

8. Are you close with your family – Knowing if your date has people that they are close to is important, as it means they are caring, loving and could be exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.

9. You have one day to live, how do you spend your time? – This is another quirky question that helps you get a closer look at his/her personality. Your discussion of this question might also get a few laughs, which can help you relax with each other.

10. What is your favorite place in the world? – This is something that can have many possible answers and can show you if you have the same view on things.


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