Chocolate in Bowl

Chocolate is something that most of the people love to have and is something that you may feel like having and enjoying that. Most of the people have chocolate in the form of bars and also as drinks. There are chances for the chocolates to be available in different flavors and in good way. Chocolates can also come in much amazing way and in unusual kind of sizes and shapes. There are many things that people have done with the chocolate that has made people feel that it is something amazing to consider. There are chances for you to fell that these are crazy things but really amazing.

1Choco Sneakers

This is an amazing thing that you can find. The choco sneakers were made during the 25th anniversary of the Nike’s Air – Force. These sneakers are really awesome for you to try if you want to have much amount of fun with chocolates. These big shoes that are made with brown as well as white chocolate can really make any chocolate lover feel amazed.

2Ladies Shoes

If you feel that you need the ladies version of the shoe then you can get such a solution. These pin pointed silhouette shoes can be really amazing for the individuals to have. These shoes are available with truffles inside that which can add great taste for them. There are chances for this to really make any individual find alluring and also great to have in much amazing manner. There are chances for you to really feel great with these shoes.

3Chocolate Bed

It will be really amazing to lie down on chocolate bed right. This is what Leandro Erlich made to reality. He is an argentine who made the replica of the popular Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Couch in it’s actual size. It is really an amazing art on chocolate which everybody love to enjoy.

4Chocolate Babies

Another amazing creation with chocolate is chocolate babies of the size of a palm. It can be really amazing to have such creations. These chocolate babies really look real. These babies can make you feel that you have the miniature babies in hand. It can be really creepy to have these babies but obviously lovely to look at.

5Baby Heads

Another awesome and crazy thing that is done with chocolate include baby heads which are made out of white chocolate by the popular cake artist of Frankfurt. These baby heads can be really much creepy.

Annabel de Vettan is the name of the artist who has done this amazing work which is obvious great to look at but kind of scary as well as creepy.

6Melting Chocolate Baby

Baby made with melting chocolate is another creepy thing made with chocolate. You may feel like baby is getting melted it may not make you feel like having that but you may get damn scared and creepy with the sight. It can be really hard to imagine chocolate can also be used for makings such creepy things.

7Chocolate Chess

Playing chess is something that is really a great thing for you to do. What if you a get to play chess in the chess board and the tools made out of chocolate. The chessboard made out of chocolate can be really a great way for you to play chess. It can also be yummy to eat the chessmen if you are losing the game.


A guitar that is made out of chess is another great and crazy thing made out of chocolate. You can slowly enjoy eating your guitar when you go hungry. It is really an awesome way to use chocolate.

9Chocolate Camera

Canon D60 is replicated in chocolate in the real size and shape of it. It can be real fun for you to make use of this so that you can slowly make the best thing possible with this. Awesome camera.

10Chocolate ring

It can be really lovely for you to skate in chocolate rink. This rink is locates in Brazil. This ring for roller skating is made completely out of dark chocolate. This is the ring that is much popular amongst the kids. It is a lovely and craziest thing made with chocolate.


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