Women in technology: how successful they are?

Today the field of technology, like many other industries that are male dominated, presents both challenges and opportunities for women. There are now some highly successful women, who are considered superstars in the technology industry, have become female role models, and some of them even have each started their own companies. Some of the women working in the top management levels of tech corporations are well known for their tough attitude, such as Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, or Marissa Mayer, CEO at Yahoo.

Even if the most women involved in technology are more likely to be in an operational role, there are also women involved in every possible area, such as leading, innovating, or coding. There are also a few well known women who are innovating and succeeding in leading important tech businesses.

In order to create more women role models in the technology field it is crucial to increase the visibility of successful ones. For the young generations it is important to see more women being successful in building tech businesses. This way the younger generations of women can be encouraged to pursue a highly rewarding career in the technology industry as they recognise the success that has been already achieved.

There are some specific attributes of women that influence their particular involvement in the technology industry. For example, as every woman is interested in all things beautiful, in style and design, this will also influence the way they would like to see technology designed. For women “technology” is not just about code but it is more about how people use it and interact with it. Far too much of the technology applications around are not focused on the user but on processes. Many women feel that the technology of the past has been simply too ugly and it is time to introduce a fresh design and innovative approach.

These are the ways women see the technology from their particular perspective:

1) People have to love technology and feel comfortable to engage with it. Users need to feel a good connection with the technology in order to become confident in using it.

2) Technology has to be fun, because only this way it will make people more confident in using it and more likely to engage with it.

3) Technology also has to be beautiful in order to be more harmonious and feel easier to use.

The above rules have a “touch of the girl” perspective about them, and this particular approach can contribute to the successful implementation of new technologies. Women have different lens through which to view technology, and as a result they may come with a fresh approach that can help tech businesses leaded by them to grown faster than many of their competitors. Businesses run by women end to use technology in a more inspirational and innovative way. For this reason we can be confident that the future holds exciting opportunities for women in technology. As we advance in the 21th century, women are likely to go ahead of the game and shake the landscape of the technology field.


One of the technology field that is heavily influenced by women is coding. Women have specific qualities that make them good in programming, such as creativity, perseverance and a strong sense of detail. Therefore it simply makes sense that today we have more female programmers. Without women in technology we may struggle to meet the continuously growing workforce requirements in the technology industry. However, we still have to make it easier for young girls to pursue their interest in computer science. There are still some stereotypes which get in the way, as girls tend to be less encouraged by the society to pursue their technology interests.

Statistics show that the female program developers tend to come from non-traditional parenting and scholastic structures where they were encouraged to highly perform in subject areas such as electronics, science and math. It is most likely that strong mentors supported their curiosity along the way and modeled to them a successful roadmap to follow. It is imperative to provide the right context for girls at an early age to thrive in tech fields. We need new educational opportunities and unbiased views in order to raise the female tech leaders we need in the future.

In coding and programming, besides math, are essential skills like visualization, logic, language and user empathy. A developer’s work consists in translating ideas and building environments. There is also artistry to it, besides rationality. And in such skills the female developers can excel. In building new interfaces for the end user successful female programmers combine a mix of hard and soft skills in many areas. Some of them have come from non-traditional training paths and have studied at non-technology universities. They come to interface development from diverse backgrounds such as visual art or sociology.

It is encouraging that most of the experiences of the women working in the tech sector have been overwhelmingly positive. The times when women working in tech industry used to be the only lady in the room are changing fast. It is no longer rare for women to establish thriving careers in a technology-driven environment. The new trends are exciting and we have great hopes for what the future holds. Women will continue to increase their presence in the tech sector and influence the trends with their creativity and more flexible approach.

For those women who are still early in their career, joining a high-performing technology company is a great way to hone their skills, build relationships, and work on a variety of projects. Many of them will want to become an entrepreneur over time, and build their own company.

For women involved in technology there is no one best career path. An engineering degree can be helpful to understand how products are built. However there are many alternate options for women interested in technology. Business development, product management, or getting involved in an early stage start up are among the different avenues for working in technology.

We think that it is important for women to find their inner geek. The farther they will go, the greater their understanding of tech trends will be.

Here are some of the successful examples of women in technology today:

Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder of Cloudflare, was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 15 Women to Watch in Tech and by the Huffington Post as one of the 2011 Top Women to Watch in Technology.

Ellen Pack is co-founder of appSmitten.com. She founded Women.com in the early 1990s and was VP of Marketing for Elance. She has over 20 years experience in building service and online businesses.

Laney Whicanack founded BigTent in 2006, later acquired by Federated Media Publishing. Today she is Chief Community Officer at FMP.

  • sarahevanston

    You rarely hear about women who have done something big in the tech world but there are many of us who work in IT fields and have problem solving skills that many men wish they had! 🙂

  • Skwty

    I think that women in technology is becoming more common, but I agree that you do not hear about them in that capacity. It is usually in more of a business leader role compared to a technology role.

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