Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Regin, The Computer Spying Malware

Individuals, businesses and government entities are now at risk from the latest advancement in malware technology, Regin. This pesky program is responsible for mass surveillance and data collection, in order to spy on people and perform acts of espionage. Researchers believe that a sophisticated program like this is the work on a nation-state, and the intentions of Regin are not entirely clear. However, the program could be listening to your phone calls and spreading across the internet, so you will need to stay aware. Following are 5 important facts about Regin and exactly what this program does.

1. Over half of Regin’s attacks have targeted Russia and Saudi Arabia. The remainder of the attacks has spread across Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and the initial infection could have spawned from a variety of different sources, such as website browser copies and contaminated USB drives.

2. Regin practices an updated, professional method of surveillance making it harder to detect. While ISP’s and telecommunications networks are the most targeted victims, Regin will use them to spread to the hospitality, energy, research and airline industries, who implement ISPs. Once a website is infected, then Regin will use the site as a springboard to gain further access to other individuals and companies. When the program has access, Regin operators will be able to full control a person’s internet activity, keyboard and recover deleted files.

3. Regin implements five different attack stages. First, the program begins the “drop,” or Trojan horse, and it breaches system security while remaining undetected. During this stage, Regin deploys a “loader,” which prepares the program for stage 2. Next, Regin uses the same process to increase security and complicate detection even more. During the third and fourth stages, the program issues “kernels” that construct the framework of security in preparation for the final stage. In the last stage, or “payload,” Regin will have complete control over the system and be able to leap to new victims.

4. Regin implements customizable modules to complicate detection. Each one of these modules is assigned its own task and system, and Regin will be able to attack multiple computers at once across a number of victims. Prevention and detection of a Regin attack is extremely difficult, because there are so many components.

5. There is not enough information about Regin to fully protect a system. Since each module is spread across multiple platforms and businesses, it is hard to understand the true origin of Regin in order to combat the program. The coding used by Regin is highly advanced, and it leaves an encrypted footprint behind in its wake, making each part dependent on the other parts. Putting together Regin’s puzzle is quite the task.

Regin is different from other spyware programs, because instead of attacking high-level targets, the program targets any average individual or business. By infiltrating a low-level system, the program is able to jump to many other systems in order to gather necessary information. The next time you think you do not have any useful information for a malware program like Regin, think twice, because Regin is targeting computers just like yours. Remember to stay completely aware of what is going on with your system!

  • Anette Cecilie

    OMG! How can I protect myself from this spyware? I had no idea this could be so dangerous for my computer and didn’t know that it can attack random computers. I always thought these sorts of viruses will attack bigger businesses and that I have nothing to fear. It seems I was wrong.

  • Andrew Clark

    I wonder why this Regin malware is mostly hitting Russia and Saudi Arabia. I mean, that’s probably where the money is but why isn’t it targeting the US as well? Do we know who created this virus and what is the purpose behind it? Can’t anyone somehow track this and see where the information is sent so we can find out who is controlling it?

  • Evan

    I’ve heard this is a very powerful spyware that anyone can get no matter the protection they have. It’s scary to think that you might be under surveillance at any time and that your PC’s data can be stolen easily. Why in the world isn’t there some antivirus to counteract this Regin?

  • John Philips

    Well, knowledge is power and that’s probably why this malware was created. I wonder if there is any way to at least know if your data has been stolen so you can take some measures. I know this wouldn’t help much but you would know that something is up and not be in the dark completely.

  • jon terns

    I have heard that many of these are government backed, is that true? It would make sense given the areas of the Regin attack and what information it is capable of retrieving.

  • Skwty

    Malware is a scary thing. It can ruin so much throughout the world and that includes the economy, trust in government and even the general internet itself. People need to be aware of the bad things that can come from security attacks.

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